Supermarket: Back-to-school shopping, bad news for the French…


Supermarket: Back-to-school shopping, bad news for the French…
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La Dépêche spoke with Olivier Dauvers, journalist and retail specialist. Since the beginning of the crisis, he has been analyzing the situation. Today, he is able to take stock of the products that have increased the most. Even better, it can tell us if the prices in our supermarkets will soon drop or not. And unfortunately, inflation is expected to continue in the coming months.

Products have increased enormously in supermarkets.

Because of inflation, as we know, prices increase. ” On food, all the indicators show that the increase is 7 to 10%“, the journalist reminds us. But some products are increasing much more than others. But which ones? ” Cereal-based products whether direct cereal such as pasta, flour or biscuits or indirect cereal such as poultry or pork. 70% of the cost price of a pig or poultry is food. The products that have increased the most are in the poultry deli section. The increases have been above 25% since January 1. The price of wheat is 25/30% higher than last year at the same time“.

The journalist is able to tell us which product has increased the most since the start of the crisis. ” Fleury Michon chicken breast is at +38%, Fruit d’or oil at +37% and many daily products at more than 30%“.

But in this very dark period, have certain products present in our supermarkets seen their prices drop? It may surprise you, but yes. ” Only one product is cheaper: Buitoni pizzas (who made the headlines because of a health scandal, editor’s note). They are down 2.5 to 3% over one year. There is a category that increases much less than the average: baby products. Both diapers, formula milks and baby food. This is a category on which distributors make the maximum effort, because families with young children are very big consumers so we must not lose these customers“.

Are supermarkets profiting from inflation?

The journalist takes advantage of his interview to indicate that this is a completely historic inflation, for two reasons. ” This is unheard of in the double dimension of time and violence. We have never seen such a sharp increase in prices over such a short period of time.. It’s not pernicious or slow, it’s violent and brutal“.

Are the price increases justified? This is the question we are entitled to ask ourselves. But for Olidiver Dauvers, they are in the vast majority of cases. ” When we are in a phase of high inflation, there is always opportunism. The economy wants it. Some of the players, admittedly a minority, benefit from it. But the majority of the increases are justified with the increase in raw materials, energy and transport. Are they all justified? The answer is no“.

So do not think that the supermarkets of large distribution are filling their pockets today. ” The level of competition between distributors is such that it is to the benefit of the consumer. And so much the better“.

Is this period of crisis coming to an end soon?

The journalist thinks that we have made “three quarters of the way up”. What does that mean ? That prices will go up further. ” From 2 to 3% on average“. For him, it is inevitable that the average inflation exceeds 10, 11, 12%. ” All manufacturers have not yet passed on their new prices. Once they have done so, prices will still move. Distributor brands will be more affected than major brands“. Prices in supermarkets are not yet ready to fall.

Economists, at the start of the crisis, suggested that inflation would continue its course until 2023. The journalist seems to agree with them. The government has hinted that the peak is behind us, but it likely isn’t yet.

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