Synced Off Planet: Between Left 4 Dead and The Division, future shooter benchmark?


Synced Off Planet: Between Left 4 Dead and The Division, future shooter benchmark?
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Game news Synced Off Planet: Between Left 4 Dead and The Division, future shooter benchmark?

Back from the dead, Synced let himself be approached by our expert hands during a meeting reserved for the press! The opportunity to discover its PvE mode, where teams of three players face a bunch of killer robots. Believe it or not, this “rogue shooter” could be the next big surprise in the co-op shooter game. Come on, we take up arms and equip ourselves with our faithful Nano.

If you’ve recently checked Gamescom’s Announcements Encyclopedia, then you might remember Synced Off Planet, a co-op shooter unveiled in (already) 2019. A software that deserves to be watched, being developed by NEXT, one of the youngest studios of the giant Tencent. Is the Chinese ogre going to impose itself in a genre mainly governed by Westerners? In any case, he has serious arguments for… Within the framework of an appointment reserved for the press, we were able to play 1h30 to this TPS, which does not yet have a release date. What to understand the ins and outs of its PvE mode – player against the environment – which we will mainly discuss in this article. PvP and a solo campaign will also be added over time. It all takes place in a “techno-apocalyptic” future where hundreds of killer robots have taken over.

Open beta on PC approaching:

If you want to try Synced, know that an open beta will be held from December 10 to January 15, 2023 – on PC. For the occasion, the player mode against the environment will be playable.

A rogue shooter

What you have to understand with Synced is that it’s not a classic shooter, it works like a rogue lite. During a game – whether in PvE or PvP – you will collect temporary bonuses (immobilize an enemy when you hit their weak point, drop a grenade when your magazine is empty), which you have to buy in lottery-like shops, and permanent improvements, which you can equip once the session is over. At the same time, Synced is also betting on a more classic progression, with weapons to unlock depending on your level and a Battle Pass with cosmetic rewards. If you ever ask yourself the question, no, there is no premium currency in Synced. It is therefore not a “pay-to-win”… and that’s fine (no kidding).

The gameplay loop of NEXT’s game is therefore to make you start again and again parts in PvP or PvE until you become strong enough to go through each mode. Because yes, it won’t be cooked at all… During our first PvE games, which take place in teams of three players, we didn’t go further than the third phase out of five. The challenge here is of course to collaborate with your colleagues (resuscitate them if necessary, “ping” them with useful equipment) but above all to pay attention to the “difficulty of influx” of the area! Basically, in the five zones of a PvE session, the power of the opponents always increases little by little. So it’s up to you to see if it’s better to spend time looting and/or finding temporary improvements, or if you have to go for the sector boss. Everything takes place on open maps, unlike Left 4 Dead.

Synced Off Planet – Commented Gameplay Video

some nice ideas

All in all, freedom and room for improvement | Synced’s improvements are really nice to see. With the right modules fitted, it’s possible to create some very effective “ricochet” effects, and NEXT Studios seems to know what to do to fatten up this look. Especially since your hero (there are five in all, each with their own special abilities) isn’t the only one who can get stronger. Yes, in Synced you can also count on the help of your Nano. It is a powerful robot to be summoned a few minutes after the start of the game and which appears very useful for attacking – or defending itself – from the fiercest opponents… Again, four possible classes for this metal companion, which can also equip temporary bonuses on the battlefield.

Between the rogue-lite aspect, the help of the Nano which adds an additional layer, the solid shooting phases which require targeting the weak points of the enemies (more effective), Synced already offers an experience solid and addictive. As in any good rogue-lite, as soon as a failure occurs, we only want one thing: to restart a game, carried by a progression system where novelties are constant. In fact, for the moment, we only regret an artistic direction that is too ordinary – despite a solid technique – and weapons that still lack “pep”, especially when the camera switches to first person. For the rest, we can’t wait to find out what Synced has in store for us in its 1.0 which, we remind you, still has no release date. And a console version is planned.

The famous “Nanos” of Synced

Synced Off Planet: Between Left 4 Dead and The Division, future shooter benchmark?

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