The best gamepads for Android and iPhone smartphones


The best gamepads for Android and iPhone smartphones
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Recently, smartphones (Android or iOS) have become quite powerful, which opens up a whole range of possibilities for video game developers. The problem is that it is quite difficult to play triple AAA games through the phone touch, this is why gaming controllers have become more than necessary if you want to play on mobilee. Thus, in this article, we will tell you the best gaming controllers for Android and iOS smartphones of the year 2022.

The Xbox Series X/S Controller: The Xbox Console Fan Favorite

Although Sony innovated with the DualSense controller on the PlayStation 5, Microsoft, on the other hand, preferred continuity and opted for the same designs and features (on the Xbox One controllers) on the Xbox Series except for a few modifications. Only the addition of the central button differentiates the Xbox Series controller from that of the Xbox One. Nevertheless, it’s not really a disadvantage given the ergonomics of the controller and the feeling it offers during a game.

The most impressive thing about the Xbox Series controller is that you can also use it as a gamepad on an Android or iOS smartphone. As on the Xbox console, players will be able to have an optimal gaming experience as well as a fluidity of control that is lacking in most mobile controllers. The Xbox Series Controller button grips provide a great feel to the touch, making it easier to execute combos in-game. Using this controller allows you to optimize your gaming experience on Android or iOS smartphones as much as possible, which places it in first place for this ranking of the best gamepads for telephones.

The luxury gaming controller for smartphones: Razer Raiju Mobile

Razer is a brand that needs no introduction because all players who are immersed in the gaming world know it. Indeed, Razer is a computer company that specializes in the design of accessories and devices for gaming (Razer Blade, Razer Phone, etc.).

Recently, the company has embarked on the design of controllers for Android smartphones and has succeeded in attracting a large number of mobile audiences with Razer Raiju Mobile. This mobile gamepad differentiates itself from the competition with a stand that can hold a smartphone in place, wired or wireless. Being a luxury gaming controller, the quality of the buttons and all its mechanisms are worthy of gaming accessories for professional competition.

Razer has made it so that the buttons on the Razer Raiju Mobile gamepad can be reassigned (via the Razer app) depending on the style of the gamer or the type of video games on an Android smartphone. It is thus possible to increase the responsiveness of the joystick by adjusting its triggers according to the desired sensitivity.

Since it’s a luxury gaming controller, its launch price is relevant. This is the only flaw that can be found with this Razer Raiju Mobile gamepad. It should be noted that this controller only supports smartphones running Android, which is the reason for its second place in this ranking of the best smartphone gamepads.

Version 2 of the Razer Kishi smartphone gaming controller

The Razer Kishi V2 controller is the improved version of the old Razer Kishi V1 and we can say that the manufacturer has managed to overcome the shortcomings of the old model. Indeed, the second version offers a better grip than the Razer Kishi V1 mobile gamepad. The computer company Razer took into account the opinions coming from the users and made possible the addition of a protective shell when connecting with the controller.

The manufacturer has reviewed all the shortcomings of the first version of the mobile gaming controller and made this new version more ergonomic. The buttons on the Razer Kishi V2 provide better feedback, increasing controller maneuverability when gaming on an Android or iOS smartphone. Apart from that, Razer has added two additional buttons on the Razer Kishi V2 controller, keys that can be programmed through the Razer app according to the user’s convenience.

This new version has succeeded in overcoming the problems encountered on the first Razer Kishi of the name, especially concerning design and ergonomics.

The Nacon MG-X Pro controller: a gamepad for cloud gaming

Compared to other competitor controllers, the Nacon MG-X Pro controller connects to an Android or iOS smartphone via Bluetooth instead of a USB type C cable. And the most surprising thing is that no latency is noticeable when playing a video game. This mobile gamepad was launched to make it easier to play video games through Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming.

With Nacon MG-X Pro, gamers will be able to play a large number of Xbox titles on smartphones, offering a gaming experience quite similar to that on an Xbox console.. The downside with this controller is the battery life since you have to recharge it for it to work optimally.

Thus, the choice of controller will depend on the operating system of your smartphone (Android or iOS), but also on your budget.

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