The Big Quiz: Internet users point to a “two-speed society”


The Big Quiz: Internet users point to a “two-speed society”
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This Friday, June 8, while watching “Le Grand Quiz”, a detail challenged Internet users. TF1 screen capture

A new number of the “Grand Quiz” was broadcast this Friday July 8 on TF1. Watching the show, a detail has challenged Internet users. Very quickly, and faced with “this difference in treatment”, a feeling of anger won the Web.

This Friday, July 8, a new issue of the “Grand Quiz” was back on TF1. Hélène Mannarino was in charge of this new episode in order to test her memory, but also that of 150 participants. These candidates were divided into three age groups, namely 18/34 years, 35/49 years, 50 years and over. To further spice up this “Grand Quiz”, personalities were also present and lent themselves to the game in order to know the state of their memory. Thus, Camille Cerf and Paul El Kharrat accompanied the 18/34 year olds, while Florent Peyre and Vincent Desagnat commanded the 35/49 year olds. For their part, Marianne James and Jean-Luc Lemoine teamed up alongside those aged 50 and over.

Discover the portrait of Marianne James:

“False advertising ?”

As Hélène Mannarino announced at the start of the “Grand Quiz”, viewers could also participate through their screen. For this, they could download the form on the TF1 site or on the application of the first channel. However, many netizens took to Twitter to report there was a problem. This famous questionnaire was “not found” throughout the evening, or at least, well hidden. Thus, Twittos called TF1 to express their frustration because they could not find it, even if it was indeed available. Moreover, for those who had found the “Holy Grail”, it was impossible for them to download it. Some have therefore regretted not being able to fill it out directly on the site.

“Big mouth fuck from TF1”

The questionnaire was not the only frustration of Internet users. Looking at this unpublished issue of the “Grand Quiz” on memory, one detail particularly caught their attention. The 150 people in the audience were all masked, unlike the six guests. For Twitter followers, it’s “manipulation.” Some are even convinced, “TF1 takes people for c*ns”. Very quickly, a wave of anger emerged on the blue bird social network. This “difference in treatment” shocked the Web.

Internet users still wanted to point out that the program had been recorded several months ago. Masks were probably still mandatory in closed places, at this precise moment. Additionally, another Twitter user explained that if the public wore a mask, unlike the personalities, it was only because they didn’t need to talk. In the end, there is always an explanation.

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