The Division: Ubisoft’s multiplayer shooter makes a breakthrough on mobile with a beta and a first trailer


The Division: Ubisoft’s multiplayer shooter makes a breakthrough on mobile with a beta and a first trailer
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Game News The Division: Ubisoft’s multiplayer shooter makes a breakthrough on mobile with a beta and a first trailer

Little surprise from Ubisoft: The Division license is indeed coming to mobiles with Resurgence, a shooter just unveiled.

The Division Mobile reveals itself

It’s been a few months now that Ubisoft has been trying to expand the lore of the already solid universe of The Division. After announcing on May 6, 2021 the arrival of The Division: Heartland, a still very mysterious free-to-play game that would borrow from the Battle Royale and after revealing work on a Netflix film with Jake Gyllenhaal in the title role, the French publisher had also entrusted to develop a mobile game. Since the title has been forgotten, finally… until today. The mobile iteration has just shown itself to the eyes of the world with an impressive first trailer, and it’s called The Division Resurgence.

Just like its big brother, this new proposal will be a hybrid title that includes third-person shooter gameplay and character evolution that fits into the RPG genre. However, there is a small difference with The Division 2, since everything will be free-to-play, like Heartland therefore.

A unique proposal

Despite all the similarities with these elders, The Division Resurgence is a new adventure already described by its developers as canonical. It will land on iOS and Android and will allow players to experience new agent classes and encounter new enemy factions.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence will bring the Tom Clancy’s The Division experience to mobile. Players will experience a new independent storyline set in a vast open world, where they will be free to move through a remarkably detailed urban environment with stunning graphics. The game will be playable solo or in co-op with a variety of PvE activities, ranging from missions related to the main story of the game to open world activities. This new chapter will build on all of the franchise’s original game modes while introducing new gear and weapons to try out. Ubisoft

In this proposal which once again requires diving into the streets of New York, players will follow the adventures of the agents of the first wave of the Division. The latter will in particular have to come to the aid of the many civilians, unfortunately in bad shape. And just like in the basic games, the personalization aspect will take an important place.

Players will be able to customize their characters by collecting and upgrading their gear to deal with any threats they encounter. By leveling up and improving their skills, players will unlock new specializations with unique weapons and gadgets that they can swap at any time. This new strategic element will allow them to try out new abilities and find the best synergy with other Division agents. Ubisoft

The Division Resurgence will obviously be optimized for mobile gaming, that is to say that the proposal will have controls and an interface perfectly adapted to your smartphones.

If The Division Resurgence interests you, note that it is possible to register for the first phases of testing the game by going directly to the official website. Unfortunately, these test phases have no release date yet.

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