The eviction of Urios, the choice of Bru, the recruitment of Penaud: Marti gives himself up


The eviction of Urios, the choice of Bru, the recruitment of Penaud: Marti gives himself up
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Laurent Marti, president of the Bordeaux-Bègles Union, spoke to our colleagues from L’Equipe on Tuesday on several subjects relating to his club. First, the manager evokes the ousting of Christophe Urios, which occurred in mid-November, and his reasons. Its consequences too, with the promotion of Frédéric Charrier and Julien Laïrle until the end of the season, then the appointment of Yannick Bru from next season. Not to mention the notable recruitment of Damian Penaud and the not so uncertain future of Matthieu Jalibert…

  • The ousting of Christophe Urios

This is one of the main topics of discussion. It must be said that Laurent Marti did not speak after the ousting of his manager Christophe Urios in mid-November. The president of the Union Bordeaux-Bègles justifies this decision by the athlete above all: “I would say first that some things will stay between Christophe and me. I would talk about what everyone saw. Since January 2022, there has been a deterioration in the results. Certainly, we played a semi-final last year. last (19-10 defeat against Montpellier). But it was completely missed. It follows a play-off match where the players were in rebellion (36-16 victory against Racing after the 22-15 defeat at Perpignan) and that We were able to compete thanks to a successful first part of the season.”

Laurent Marti insists on the long-term nature of this decision. This was not only the fact of the disappointing start to the 2022-2023 season, but also the consequence of an insufficient end to the 2021-2022 season: “In the return phase last year, we are 11th and when Christophe was ousted this season, we are still 11th. Over the calendar year 2022, we are almost 60% defeated! Which had also led to an overall deterioration in relations. So I made the decision to separate from Christophe. Not alone, but I will keep the identity of the people I consulted secret.”

Top 14 – Christophe Urios remained at the head of the Bordeaux sportsman until mid-November.
Icon Sport – Pierre Costabadie

This choice came less than a year after the extension of Christophe Urios (signed in December 2021, for a contract until June 2025). On this, the leader has no answer: “That’s what I can’t explain to myself. The deterioration comes shortly after its extension. We explained ourselves with Christophe on a lot of things, but despite everything I still wonder. How did we get here? I will probably never have the answer. There will be a part of mystery. I proposed to him to extend in September 2021. He gave me his answer two months later. Perhaps he was not finally not sure. In hindsight, it would have been better to wait to extend and finish the four-year cycle.”

Regarding the cost of his eviction, no figure is mentioned: “The sum is substantial, but I am here to ensure the good financial health of the club. It will always be the case.”

  • Adaptation of players and staff

Very quickly, the assistants Frédéric Charrier and Julien Laïrle moved upmarket: “Fred (Charrier) and Julien (Laïrle) were doing a good job and even if they were very close to Christophe, I shouldn’t mix everything up and give them the possibility of continuing to work for the club. Between Christophe and me, they had chosen. I had no worries that they were in solidarity with Christophe. What mattered to me was whether they felt capable of finishing the year. They answered yes! […] Naturally the distribution of roles was made. Julien Laïrle has taken on the role of manager, even if in their minds they want to be on an equal footing and that they share the decisions.

Top 14 - Julien Laïrle and Frédéric Charrier, assistants who headed the Bordeaux-Bègles staff during the season.

Top 14 – Julien Laïrle and Frédéric Charrier, assistants who headed the Bordeaux-Bègles staff during the season.
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The players are also cited by the Girondin president. Asked about their involvement in the ousting of their manager, he replied: “It annoys me. It’s nonsense. It can come from the players, but this decision is made based on a multitude of elements.”

In addition, he welcomes their reaction following this change: “There was undoubtedly a psychological trigger. After the ousting of Christophe Urios, the players took their responsibilities.”

  • The signing of Yannick Bru and Thibault Giroud

While the UBB formalized this Tuesday the arrivals of Yannick Bru and Thibault Giroud in the staff from next season and until 2027, Laurent Marti spoke about this choice: “I liked his journey as a player, coach, manager. I had good feedback. I met him, it went well. I decided to sign him. Yannick was my choice number 1. As for Thibault Giroud, it is an opportunity. He should have been at Racing. He is one of the best in his field. His results in the French team prove it. He has the respect and confidence of the players. “

  • The recruitment of Damian Penaud

This is the big blow of the transfer window. Bordeaux-Bègles recorded the signing of the center / winger of Clermont and the French team Damian Penaud (26 years old, 37 selections). At the heart of this file, the manager reveals behind the scenes of this capital transfer: “We were not favorites (he smiles). The exchanges dragged on a bit. We tried our luck. We have been hardworking to fill in all the boxes. And finally we won the decision. The signing of Damian is only the logical continuation of our ambition for 15 years.”

  • The future of Matthieu Jalibert

Now that the manager’s case has been settled, one of the big questions is the future of Matthieu Jalibert. The prodigy opener is under contract with UBB until 2025. But his future is not so certain. Indeed, his name is associated with a departure at the end of the season. “Matthieu never came to my office to tell me that he wanted to leave, contrary to everything I’ve read. So he never came to tell me that he was staying, always contrary to what I I read lately… So I never wondered if he would be there or not. It’s obvious.”

Top 14 – Matthieu Jalibert (Bordeaux-Bègles), about to stumble against Montpellier at the Chaban-Delmas stadium

Top 14 – Matthieu Jalibert (Bordeaux-Bègles), about to stumble against Montpellier at the Chaban-Delmas stadium
Icon Sport – Loic Cousin

Even in the event of a large sum similar to that received for the departure of Cameron Woki? “I will refuse!replies the interested party. Matthieu is a great player and a great competitor. He is ambitious, so are we. The only commitment I made with him was to do everything for the UBB to play at the top of the table. That’s what I’m doing, especially with the signing of Damian Penaud!”

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