The incredible surprise of 350 students for the retirement of their teacher, he bursts into tears…

The incredible surprise of 350 students for the retirement of their teacher, he bursts into tears…
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The former students of the René Cassin high school, some of whom have traveled from Belgium or Madagascar, have never forgotten the face of their fantastic teacher. They rehearsed for a whole year for the long-awaited day to give a magical moment to their teacher and thus offer their beloved teacher. It was a unique and unforgettable gift for him.

The teacher moved by the wisdom of his students

A total of 350 former students who received the right education and who knew how to acquire the best discipline from the professor, paid tribute to him. This includes several generations, who came to witness the departure of the teacher. A moving story that will be told again and again.

“My little brother, my big sister, my son and I took his lessons,” explains one of the students who stood in front of the TF1 cameras.

They were present to make the concert famous, which greatly moved Christian Jusselme. Everyone was present in the room and the teacher. The music teacher didn’t even know that such a thing was concocted behind his back. He was blindfolded in the arms of his dear wife who was also an accomplice in the organization.

On this occasion, the retiree was treated to a moving surprise from his former students who have never forgotten him. These students paid him a vibrant tribute in music last week during a very touching concert. He did not know anything about this grandiose celebration organized in his honor. He could not hold back his tears in front of his great love and respect towards him.

A teacher loved by all

Christian Jusselme is a music teacher who comes from Tarare which is in the Rhône. He has thus just completed his 30 years of good and loyal service within the National Education. Having already gone through various stages in teaching, he gave a good model of example to his students.

With 30 years of experience, for Christian Jusselme the question of the fulfillment of duty should not be asked. Quitting the exercise of one’s profession is sometimes a difficult moment. However, when comes the age in which one is supposed to stop, one is obliged to submit to it. And this, even if sometimes we still feel in perfect health to work. This is how. But everyone is going to have to be there. When retirement age comes, feelings mix, causing a moment of relief and sometimes even nostalgia.

Other people wonder about the meaning of what they have accomplished during their years of work, starting with the teachers whose responsibility remains important, even essential in the training of future generations.

So, when the hour of retirement arrives, it is not uncommon for teachers to wonder if they have carried out their mission well. In any case, Gabrielle, a third-year medical student, is really very grateful that she never missed a class. It was thanks to her teacher that she was able to detect in time that she was suffering from cancer during a guinea pig proposed for a course on the detection of tumors of the neck and head.

Very quickly, the doctor noticed that his patient was showing worrying signs before sending her to see a specialist.

“If I hadn’t found out about my illness then, my diagnosis might have taken longer and it might have been more serious. When I found out, my world fell apart,” she told The New York Post news site at the time.

He then added:

“I kept saying to myself, ‘I’m too young to face this.’ I cried a lot and I didn’t want to believe it,” she added.

A tough experience, but successful

Gabrielle’s cancer has spread to other parts of her body, including her esophagus. She underwent an operation to remove the thyroid. She also underwent additional treatment with radioactive iodine. Currently, Gabrielle is completely healed.

Thanks to the teacher’s course, she got out of trouble and the disease was controlled. She is really grateful to have gone to class that day. One thing is certain, this experience highlighted his vocation to become a doctor.

“I always wanted to be a doctor to take care of others and treat people, regardless of specialty,” she said.

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