The Last of Us: the words of the screenwriter of the series offend the players


The Last of Us: the words of the screenwriter of the series offend the players
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news culture The Last of Us: the words of the screenwriter of the series offend the players

On the menu of the Daily this Friday, December 30, we will talk about the director of the series The Last of Us! Then, we will discuss the potential return of Metal Gear Solid in 2023. Finally, we complete this last column of the year with the NFT scam of the famous controversial youtuber Logan Paul. The Daily, let’s go!

The screenwriter of the series The Last of Us skids in an interview

On January 15, the live action series The Last of Us will begin broadcasting on the American channel HBO. After an interview with the project team, the words of Craig Mazin, the screenwriter of the series, made the fans react. If the author is recognized for his work on Chernobyl, his comments regarding The Last of Us did not go unnoticed! After declaring that the title’s story was undoubtedly the best story ever told in a video game, he continues his momentum with a completely different speech:

When you play, and you die, you are sent back to the checkpoint, all those people who died are there again and can move again in the same way. In the series, these encounters have more weight and watching a person die is I think very different from watching a pixel die.

A slippage that would imply that a series with actors would have more impact than the original story within the video game itself. Misinterpreted words that did not leave the players indifferent.

If the public is in a hurry to find some cult franchises at Konami, the publisher has recently shown us its interest in web3 and the metaverse. Little present in recent years with the exception of the release of eFootball, 2023 could indeed be a game changer with a potential return of Metal Gear Solid! According to Noriaka Okamura, the creator of Zone of the Enders, the next year promises to be eventful! Announced in the Japanese magazine Famitsu, the man described the future of the company with a very specific keyword: highly anticipated. Of course, it’s impossible not to think of Silent Hill 2, but also of Metal Gear Solid 3, especially when we know that new announcements are still to come… Do you think that this potential remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 will be unveiled in 2023?

Logan Paul at the heart of a scam?

Logan Paul is a content creator who knows how to get people talking. However, his prowess is rarely praised. Indeed, he has already found himself at the heart of major controversy, such as after having filmed a hanged man in the forest of suicides in Japan for example… Very followed on social networks, he has more than 23 million subscribers on Youtube. Since 2020, the craze around cryptocurrency has been great. The emergence of NFT markets is exploding and collapsing, allowing many entrepreneurs to set up scams. Our star of the day recently got busy promoting the NFT-based game CyptoZoo. He influences his community to invest massively by making believe that there will be profits. The reality is that there is no game. A scam confirmed by the youtubeur Coffeezilla, who after carrying out the investigation, claims that the community of Logan Paul would have spent more than 2.5 million dollars in this fraudulent system. The person concerned has for the moment denied the accusations against him. The Daily is over, see you in 2023!

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