The Mavericks atomize the Suns: 123-90, Dallas goes to the conference final

The Mavericks atomize the Suns: 123-90, Dallas goes to the conference final
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What a Game 7! Not that it was very suspenseful and intense, but so much surprise and emotion. Everyone was speechless in front of this recital. The Mavericks make a big leap towards the final box of conference, and leave apathetic Suns on the side of the road (123-90).

Where to start ? There is so much to say. Come on, honor to the winners. The Mavericks delivered the perfect game. The X factors? A sharp attack carried by a Luka Doncic of the big nights and… an unexpected Spencer Dinwiddie, but so pleasant to see play. And then this iron defence, embodied by the warriors Dorian Finney-Smith and Reggie Bullock, posted at the watchtower to ensure that nothing gets through. Anyway, tonight, you didn’t need to be an elite defenseman to counter a Suns offense. There was also this always very intelligent coaching from Jason Kidd, accompanied by desire, presence, and a palpable combativeness. In short, everything an NBA team must show in Game 7. An instruction that the Suns obviously did not receive. The best team in the league in the regular season approached this meeting in a horrible way. Something between fear and pretension. As if in their heads, the script was written in advance. Well no. A conference final, especially after a seventh game, has to be earned. The Suns shook, the Suns crumbled. At halftime, the Chris Paul – Devin Booker – Deandre Ayton trio returned to the locker room with an ugly 1/15 shot. A shame at this stage of the competition (and to all the others too). Monty Williams even made the decision to release CP3 to try the Landry Shamet shot. The Cactus had to rely on Jae Crowder’s 1/6 3-pointer, Cam Johnson’s address off the bench and Mikal Bridges’ timid shots.

On the Mavs side, we’re having fun. Finally, a Slovenian is fed up. This match is too simple for him. He repeats the same gestures and the opposing defenders never manage to counter him. Long but too short, Ayton is always fooled by the big leader’s fadeaway. For Cam Johnson, it is at 3-points that the child from Ljubljana poses a problem for him. He is left for dead on the floor after a step-back from the Slovenian, finished in filoche. At the break, Luka already has 27 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists, all at 9/12 shooting including 4/7 from afar. But, 27 points? Like the Suns total? That’s it. Small bonus, Dallas breaks the record for the biggest half-time lead of a Game 7 with its mattress of… 30 points (57-27).

The second half follows the same course as the first… only worse: Dallas takes a lead of up to 50 points. Luka Magic continues his symphony, accompanied by soloists Brunson and Dinwiddie. Between them, they represent 89 points, or 72% of Texas production and 99.99% of Arizona production. The more time passes, the more we understand that nothing can stop the drama. While they delivered the best regular in their history, the Phoenix Suns will bow in the conference semifinals, in a blowout at home. What a nightmare. The fans boo, logical. Garbage time is sent six or seven minutes from the end. Dallas ends its match with Sterling Brown, Boban Marjanovic, Trey Burke, Josh Green and Marquese Chriss on the court, for a Game 7 semi-final. Simply surreal.

On the networks, it does not waste time. The valves fuse to dismantle Chris Paul, Devin Booker and the Suns in general. Even the airlines play the game. And the real problem is there. Phoenix players have been talking a lot throughout the series. Unfortunately for them, they did not respond with action. Chris Paul, who had the unique opportunity to cement his legacy in these Playoffs, made a fool of himself in games 3 to 7. A new choke for the Point God point guard. Devin Booker, meanwhile, has seen his whiner rating skyrocket. Finally, the twittosphere had a good laugh when she remembered that Deandre Ayton was asking for the max this summer. In short, the Suns will have to get up next season. A tough test, potentially more than getting 64 wins.

The impossible has become reality. The Mavericks created the upset against the Suns. So it’s official, 100% of the brackets are now good to throw away. From now on, it’s time for the conference finals with the Mavs who find the Warriors this Wednesday at 3 a.m., while the Suns find their living room as well as the plane bound for a sunny island well known to financially comfortable vacationers.

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