The “mental walk”, this method that helps to fall asleep quickly


The “mental walk”, this method that helps to fall asleep quickly
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Dmitriy Bilous/Getty Images/Tetra images RF Find sleep.

Dmitriy Bilous/Getty Images/Tetra images RF

Find sleep.

SLEEP- The night brings advice, but it is not always synonymous with sleep. It is indeed not uncommon for insomnia to take hold of us and never leave us and make life difficult for us throughout the week. Faced with this, sleep professionals have been sharing many recommendations for years. Among them ? The latest: the “mental walk”.

Mental walking, what is it?

The “mental walk” is a beautiful image, which summarizes well the concept in question. Presented as an effective way to fall asleep faster, this technique consists of imagining a walk in your head. A ride you’re used to every day, an ordinary ride you can remember every step of. Even better if this journey is synonymous with relaxation for you.

Why is it relaxing?

From a distance, mental walking is similar to the concept of counting sheep. It is a question of visualizing, of concentrating on precise images, the better to doze off. Health and wellness coach Joanna Shurety explains it to Stylist : “When our brain affects our sleep, it’s often because we’re tired but stressed. A mind walk is worth trying as it is very similar to mindfulness and meditation. It’s about bringing our brains to a place of safety, calm and relaxation.”.

How to do it ?

Alright, but how do you relax? Easy: first decide on a memorable walk, to which you are attached. A walk that can relate to vacation memories, a trip, or a daily journey that you particularly like.

Then, closing your eyes, tune in to some breathing exercises. Breathe slowly and steadily, but also deeply. Ideal for better immersing yourself in your thoughts, and therefore in this famous walk. Exercises that are readily found in the practice of meditation.

Joanna Shurety also recommends focusing heavily on your senses and the surrounding environment. Including, on what is awakened during the walk in question: wind, heat of the sun, smells of the woods…

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