The notes of the Blues against Austria (1-1): Griezmann missing, Kamara asserts himself


The notes of the Blues against Austria (1-1): Griezmann missing, Kamara asserts himself
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Lloris: 5

Finally little requested, he can do nothing on the Austrian goal, abandoned by a defense that is far too kind when setting foot (38th). For the rest, his kicking game will still have been wasteful but he was vigilant on the rare incursions by his opponents (84th).

  • In short : Frustrating, as often on this kind of meetings.

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Mbappé: “If the coach needs me, we can force a little bit”


Pavard: 5.5

He was the most attentive defender of the quartet aligned by Didier Deschamps. The right side will have been marked by many decisive interventions (20th, 28th) but also by a notable offensive presence despite centers that are still too fluctuating. His beautiful dry strike brought back memories (55th).
  • In short : Serious and at the required level.

Benjamin Pavard intervenes against Austria

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Saliba: 4

He started his evening with an inconsequential slip (4th) but which illustrated a slight feverishness in the first period. Late on the Austrian goal (37th), he was moved by Arnautovic in the first period before gradually regaining the upper hand. A little shy at the restart, he spent a quiet second period.

  • In short : Not yet his reference match with the Blues.

Konate: 5.5

For his first cape with the Blues, we saw the Konaté seen in Liverpool this season. Fixed by Arnautovic on the opening of the score, it will be increased in power with its style all in muscles. It is his very vertical recovery towards Mbappé who launches the victorious French counter for the equalizer (84th).

T. Hernandez: 3

Still aligned as a left-back, he did not eliminate the questions surrounding his case. Despite his speed which catches up with situations, he is too late and above all too nice when he springs at Laimer on the Austrian goal (37th). He never let go of the horses and had great difficulty getting along tactically with Coman.

  • In short : A gathering that hurts.

Théo Hernandez, head down after Austria opener against France

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Chuameni: 5

Quickly, he took the lead in midfield, claiming the swell at the revival and not hesitating to take responsibility (13th). Despite some well-felt interventions and a lot of personality, he lacked fluidity and seemed to stick his tongue out a bit for his third consecutive tenure.

  • In short : I can not wait for the vacation.

Replaced by Matteo Guendouzi (62nd), author of a header that could have changed everything (90+1st).

Kamara: 6

Where Tchouaméni sometimes tried to do too much, he made a copy with sobriety and technical intelligence. Lots of desires, interesting recoveries (32nd) and a precise long game which opened up gaps from afar. In the shadows, he played his role with personality and can represent a real recourse to the sentry post.

  • In short : One more candidate in midfield.

Aurélien Tchouaméni and Boubacar Kamara intervene together against Austria

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Diaby: 4.5

His thrust is still just as formidable and his speed does damage (17th, 24th). Even if it means sometimes going faster than the music. The winger lacked spontaneity when making the right choices and his loss in the last gesture is a brake against such grouped teams. Aligned on the right, he did not hesitate to return to the axis, without success (39th).

Griezmann: 4

In support of Benzema, we finally saw him very little despite a few inspirations which could have led to clear chances (17th, 18th, 52nd). But its influence is in free fall whereas it is precisely on this kind of matches that it was felt in the past. Guilty of a fatal ball loss on the Austrian goal (38th), he continues his descent into hell, in club as in selection (1387 minutes without scoring).

  • In short : The great Griezmann is definitely missing.
Replaced by Kylian Mbappe (62nd), who shook the coconut tree as soon as he came into play before allowing the Blues to pick up on an acceleration, concluded from the left, of which he has the secret (84th). He touches the crossbar on the match point (89th).

“Griezmann must go on vacation… and start Nkunku on Monday”

Coman: 5

His legs of fire woke up the Blues at the very beginning of the second period, just to launch the long sterile domination of the Habs. It is he who gets the best French opportunity that he must convert in such a position (56th). His agreement with Theo Hernandez was too episodic. He never swapped with Diaby, making French attacks more predictable.

  • In short : Differences, waste… a Coman match

Replaced by Christopher Nkunku (79th), decisive passer for Mbappé and very interesting in his agreement with Benzema and Mbappé.

Benzema: 5.5

While his teammates ran out of ideas, he kept trying. His head stopped on a reflex from the opposing goalkeeper (18th) symbolized a frustrating evening (32nd, 42nd, 51st). The entry into play of Mbappé very quickly put him back in the heart of the tricolor animation (72nd), without him having any real opportunities to get his teeth into.

  • In short : Self-sacrifice, no success.

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The cheat sheet: Fortunately, there is Kylian…


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Mbappé limits the damage


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