The “Room 42”, a nightmare for employees under intense pressure


The “Room 42”, a nightmare for employees under intense pressure
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In LuxembourgThe “Room 42”, a nightmare for employees under intense pressure

LUXEMBOURG – “Room 42”, equipped like a classic company, is a cyberattack simulator. It is open to all employees who want to test themselves and be able to remain lucid in a real case.

The somewhat cramped space reproduces some workspaces of a company.

How to react the day your computer and your company’s IT system are paralyzed by a cyberattack? Few of us can answer this question. In the end, the best way to find out is to be confronted with it. All companies now have the opportunity to push the door of “Room 42”, installed within the new Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity at 122, rue Adolphe Fischer, in Luxembourg City. “It’s a simulator, a room in which we put a crisis management team and for 1h30, they undergo a cyber-crisis”, explains Bertrand Lathoud, head of the Cybersecurity Competence Center (NC3).

The somewhat cramped space reproduces some workspaces of a company. Individual offices equipped with computers and landline telephones. But plays of light, the absence of windows, background noises and deliberately uncomfortable furniture quickly make the place oppressive. “We have taken up certain codes of military activity, we put people in the field and we subject them to significant pressure so that they realize that under stress, they do not have the same performance and need to work in team”, develops Mr. Lathoud.

Observed by cameras in real time

Up to eight people can be present at the same time. Everything starts normally, then their workstation is targeted by a cyberattack. “There is ransomware, the website may be attacked… we have several scenarios, condensed real situations”, adds Bertrand Lathoud. At the same time, therefore, the environment of the room intends to add destabilization to measure the level of lucidity of the employees and their decision-making. Cameras observe them and a trainer, installed in a neighboring room, uses the images to then debrief the team and provide areas for improvement.

“It has already happened that, under pressure, a registrant loses his temper,” slips Bertrand Lathoud. The experience, which lasts a total of half a day, is open to all companies in the country, at a cost of 500 euros per registrant. Small real estate companies with less than ten employees, such as large international finance groups, airports or even the European Commission, have already tested the tool to strengthen their cybersecurity skills. In Luxembourg and beyond, therefore.

“Room 42” is a concept developed in Luxembourg which is starting to make a name for itself: “A French company signed a contract with us and installed one in the Aerospace Valley (south-west of France), discussions are also underway with other European countries that are interested.

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