The white plan launched in the face of the strongest epidemic of bronchiolitis in 10 years


The white plan launched in the face of the strongest epidemic of bronchiolitis in 10 years
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James Porter/Getty Images

The bronchiolitis epidemic has continued to progress in recent days in France despite a decline linked to school holidays

HEALTH – Fears about the bronchiolitis epidemic are growing. While cases have multiplied early this year, Public Health France (SPF) alerted this Wednesday, November 9 to a “ number of visits to the emergency room and hospitalizations for bronchiolitis very high and at levels higher than those observed at epidemic peaks for more than 10 years “.

In the Senate, the Minister of Health François Braun announced that he had activated this Wednesday “the ORSAN plan” (organization of the response of the health system in exceptional health situations), in order to strengthen the means of each region to support caregivers and ensure the care of children and families.

The epidemic, initially concentrated in a few regions, is now actively circulating in all metropolitan regions and within several overseas territories., says a press release from the ministry. These new immediate provisions are part of the Pediatrics and Child Health Conference which will end in the spring of 2023.

The bronchiolitis epidemic has indeed continued to progress in recent days in France, despite a drop linked to school holidays. Noting a “continued increase” indicators “despite a shift in connection with the Toussaint school holidays”, the SPF agency indicates in its weekly bulletin that hospitalizations for bronchiolitis now represent 50% of hospitalizations following a visit to the emergency room in children under two years of age, compared to 40% during the peaks of previous years.

Government action plan

At the beginning of September, SPF already warned about this: “ An epidemic of greater magnitude than that observed each year is possible next year due to the lower immune stimulation induced by the weak circulation of the virus this winter, in a context of the lifting of barrier measures..

Then in mid-October, SPF again warned of pressure on pediatric services. Following which 4,000 pediatric caregivers sent an open letter to Emmanuel Macron to denounce the saturation of their services. At the end of October, the executive announced the launch of a “immediate action plan” for pediatrics.

At this stage, it is in the northern half of France that the epidemic is most intense.

Bronchiolitis is a viral respiratory infection that affects the small bronchi. It is characterized by respiratory discomfort, the signs of which are a cough and wheezing and rapid breathing, according to the definitions of the bronchiolitis network Île-de-France and the Health Insurance. It is generally mild, but still affects 30% of children aged 1 month to 2 years each year with serious cases in some infants.

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