The world of music in mourning: it collapses in the middle of a concert, it will not rise again


The world of music in mourning: it collapses in the middle of a concert, it will not rise again
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The music world is in mourning and the word is weak. Indeed, this universe even has reason to be traumatized by such an event. Since it was in the middle of a concert that this famous conductor collapsed.

From the height of his 73 years, Stefan Soltesz will never get up again. The day after he lost consciousness on stage, his death was announced. The people who attended his concert in Munich are undeniably in shock. They attended, without knowing it at the time, the death of the famous conductor.

The music world mourns Stefan Soltesz

It was Bavarian Opera which officially announced the death of the famous conductor, on July 23. It was possible for Objeko to find the official press release of the Opera. A press release also reported by our colleagues from the magazine Closer.

“With dismay and deep sadness, the Bavarian Opera must announce the death of Stefan Soltesz. », can we then read. Then, it is specified that the famous conductor is dead ” after having collapsed while directing The Silent Woman by Richard Strauss at the Theater national in Munich.

It was therefore in front of many witnesses that the conductor lost his life. In front of his orchestra of musicians but also in front of an audience and the staff of the Bavarian Opera. Moreover, Serge Dorny, the director of this Opera, expressed his sadness on Twitter following the death of conductor Stefan Soltesz.

A simple and moving tribute which reminds us once again that the world of music is in mourning. I am deeply saddened by the news of the collapse and death of Stefan Soltesz. We are losing a gifted conductor. I am losing a good friend. My thoughts are with his wife Michaela. », wrote Serge Dorny.

A sudden death, an unexpected disappearance

The only small consolation, the conductor lost his life doing what he loved to do more than anything in the world. He died on stage and that is what so many artists aspire to as they approach the end of their lives. Also, Stefan Soltesz was a great lover of Richard Strauss.

Our colleagues from the magazine Closer ensure that the conductor died while working on his favorite composer. Supporting evidence, Objeko grant it to you. Because in 2019, at the turn of an interview, Stefan Soltesz spoke about it with fervor.

“What I particularly like about this composer is that if you play him well, despite a huge orchestra, it’s not just loud. There are a lot of colors, and you can use them. », he said. No doubt, he will be terribly missed by the music world.

Finally, writingObjeko therefore takes the liberty of addressing its condolences to the friends and family of the conductor. We also wish courage to those who witnessed his collapse on stage, in the middle of a concert.

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