Their picture goes around the world, they just figured out, did you notice


Their picture goes around the world, they just figured out, did you notice
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Wendy and Dan are known as youtubers. But although the two lovebirds were already enjoying some notoriety on the internet, they were shocked when one of their couple photos went viral on social media.

An original shot that went around the world

A snapshot that was shared by Wendy, in December 2017, on her Facebook and Instagram accounts, on the occasion of their 10th anniversary as a couple. Soon, the number of reactions and comments continued to increase and the photo was shared on other accounts on several occasions. A few outlets even shared Wendy’s post, including The Daily Mail and The Sun.

But what was so special about this couple shot? In fact, Wendy had made a montage of an old photo of her and Dan next to a more recent one. And seeing the publication, Internet users could not help but notice the rejuvenation of the two lovebirds over time.

“Are you both aging backwards? “, they commented on Wendy’s post.

Comments that did not go unnoticed by the couple since after their photo went viral, the two decided to look a little more at the maintenance of the body on YouTube. What to increase their popularity even more. And you, did you also notice the evolution of the couple by looking at the photo?

Focus on their love story

The Internet has always played a very important role in the life of Wendy and Dan since the beginning of their relationship, since it is thanks to this that their meeting took place. One day in 2006, when Facebook was not yet as successful as it is today, Dan decided to open an account there in order to make new friends.

He thus fell on the account of a certain Daphne, who also happened to be a friend of Wendy. And after sending a private message to Daphne, without response, Dan decided to go through his list of friends and came across the profile of the one who would later become his girlfriend.

Intrigued by Wendy’s photos, he decides to send her an invitation, which she does not immediately accept. The young woman, in fact, first preferred to speak to her friend Daphne who informed her that Dan had also sent her a message.

Following this information from her friend, Wendy did not accept Dan’s invitation. However, a week later, following the insistence of the young man, the beautiful brunette finally took a look at his profile.

She then discovers that they had quite a few friends in common and therefore responded to Dan’s invitation. From then on, a friendship was born. Wanting to meet Wendy face to face, Dan had invited her to a party he had organized only after the young woman responded positively.

Once we arrived at the party, Wendy started talking with Dan and quickly bonded between the two. And even after the evening was over, she stayed there for a bit to hang out with the young man. However, despite the chemistry between them, they had to wait six months before officially getting married. It was the start of a romance that would last a long time.

A happy ending

If at the beginning of their relationship, everything was rosy, Wendy and Dan also experienced dark periods, like most couples. Indeed, while they were together, Wendy discovered that Dan was talking to other girls on social media.

She therefore began to feel inferior to them, since they had all already finished their studies, unlike the beautiful brunette. On top of that, Dan also regularly went out at parties without his girlfriend, while the latter declined all invitations to go to a party.

Bored, Wendy broke up with her boyfriend and began to focus on herself. She later got her master’s degree in public administration and also started embracing her natural hair. She had even opened a YouTube channel on which she gave advice to young girls with the same type of hair as her.

For his part, Dan couldn’t forget Wendy and then kept trying to win her back. It took him a long time to regain his beauty’s trust. And after their reconciliation, the couple was happier than ever, since this time Dan was much more mature than before.

Since then, they have never let go and have notably founded True4You Fitness following their photo which has gone viral. And thanks to the money they make from owning this fitness business, the two have been able to take trips together. They got engaged in 2016 and began planning their wedding. A very inspiring love story!

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