Ticket-restaurant card: here’s a tip for exceeding your 25-euro limit


Ticket-restaurant card: here’s a tip for exceeding your 25-euro limit
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Ticket-resto card holders are forced to stick to an addition of 25 euros at the restaurant, the amount of the ceiling not to be exceeded. However, it is possible to cross the limit in a single transaction, thanks to a trick that we reveal to you.

Change for your lunch break since this Saturday, October 1st. Indeed, the ceiling for meal vouchers has been raised. The maximum amount of food products payable by restaurant ticket therefore goes from 19 euros to 25 euro per working day.

Since August 18, the use of restaurant vouchers has been extended to the purchase of all food products, even if they are not directly consumable (flour, pasta, rice, eggs, fish, meat, etc.) . This measure had been adopted as part of the finance bill to support the purchasing power of the French and was to be implemented on September 1.

However, even if the ceiling increases, it remains insufficient for some. Here is an unstoppable trick to overcome it.

Link your bank card and your ticket restaurant account

Indeed, rather than paying with two cards if you have exceeded 25 euros, the Edenred ticket-restaurant card application lets you link your bank card to your ticket restaurant account.

To do this, nothing could be simpler: all you have to do is enter your bank details in the application, your restaurant ticket card is “uncapped” and allows you to pay up to 50 euros extra per addition (capped at 150 euros per month for the moment), by debiting the “excess” from your bank account, explains Konbini.

Beyond Edenred, Sodexo and Swile also allow you to associate your restaurant ticket card with your bank account, indicates The Internet Journal.

For Sodexo, you can complete your payments beyond the daily limit with your credit card up to 30 euros per bill. You will be able to pay up to €49 with your Pass Restaurant card alone for your shopping in eligible shops and restaurants, as explained on the website.

The additional payment works with a minimum of one cent of the balance on your Pass Restaurant card. It works exclusively on products eligible for payment by restaurant voucher, even on the part financed by your bank card.

For Swile, here are the steps to follow:

1. Log in to your Swile account from our website or directly on your mobile application, then go to the My Swile cards tab. If you don’t see the My Swile Cards option on your mobile, just click on the two cards icon at the bottom middle of your Swile app.

2. Click the Over balance option/Link your credit card tab and select the credit card you wish to link. If it is not registered, add one by clicking on Add a bank card.

3. Set the maximum overage amount you want to allow with your personal card per transaction. This amount will be subject to a bank imprint.

How to use your restaurant ticket card on Sunday?

Regarding Sunday use, it is necessary to refer to the conditions of use of the restaurant ticket card. The text stipulates that “the use of the restaurant ticket card on Sundays and public holidays must be expressly authorized by the employer under his sole responsibility for the employees concerned only”.

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