To regulate influencers, Bruno Le Maire launches a public consultation


To regulate influencers, Bruno Le Maire launches a public consultation
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In a YouTube video containing certain codes of the platform, Bruno Le Maire explains that he wants to better regulate the profession of influencer.

INTERNET – Better supervision to better influence. As part of the opening of a public consultation on influencers and content creators, the Minister of the Economy slipped into the shoes of one of them this Sunday, January 8.

I need you “, even asks the minister in a video posted on social networks to announce the opening of this public consultation, which will last until the end of January. “Millions of you consult their opinions, their recommendations in the field of fashion, sport, beauty, travel. They therefore play a role in our daily lives. It gives them a special responsibility.adds Bruno Le Maire.

Behind this video using the codes of the Internet, one objective: to set up a ” code of conduct for influencers, to prevent them from fooling their fans about the products they promote. This is how the government wants to regulate and support influencers. Hence the establishment of this public consultation, which should allow the French to express themselves freely to better regulate the sector.

An approach closely linked to controversies, sometimes followed by fines, which regularly erupt on the practices of influencers who do not always reveal the relationships that bind them to certain brands. Influencer Nabilla Benattia-Vergara, for example, paid a fine of 20,000 euros for promoting stock market services on Snapchat in 2018 without mentioning that she was paid for it.

The Ministry of the Economy announced the principle of this public consultation on December 9, following a round table with representatives of this booming sector, which for its part pleads for self-regulation.

11 measures divided into four themes

“The vast majority of them obviously respect the rules. But there are also certain scams or sometimes simply certain oversights. We forget to say that we have been paid to recommend such a product, such a site or such a trip”judges the Minister.

“It is these discrepancies, these shortcomings, sometimes this cheating that we want to correct with the regulation of this sector”, he continued. The consultation, accessible until January 31 on, “will allow all French people who so wish to express themselves on 11 measures divided into four themes”he specified.

Among these four themes, we find: rights and obligations of influencers, intellectual property, consumer protection and industry governance “. In addition, the Ministry of the Economy specifies that since January and until February, eight working groups have been set up with players from the world of influencers. The objective being the same, around the four themes previously mentioned.

At the beginning of December, Magali Berdah, director of the influencer agency Shauna Events and nicknamed the ” popess of influencers and reality TV “had already pleaded to give an official framework to the profession of influencer, which she considers still poorly defined by the authorities. She then advocated a model similar to that of doctors or lawyers.

VIDEO-Bruno Lemaire justifies France’s economic policy

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