Tomorrow Belongs to Us ahead of Wednesday, May 18, 2022: Tristan is arrested by the police for the murder of Louise, Bart is in shock (Summary of DNA episode 1188)


“Tomorrow Belongs to Us” preview, detailed summary and spoilers for Wednesday, May 18, 2022 Episode 1188 of DNA. In your daily series, at the Spoon, Louise’s clients and friends pay her a vibrant tribute. The evening promises to be spicy at the Lopez-Diallo. Aurore makes sure that Manon will not have preferential treatment during her internship.


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The summary of Tomorrow belongs to us for Tuesday, May 17, 2022 is also online. Good reading.


Tomorrow belongs to us: Summary of episode 1188 of Wednesday May 18, 2022

A dinner that turns into a fiasco

Noor has been in Cedric’s life for a while and he feels it’s time to normalize the situation. He wants to invite the young woman to dinner at home so that his children can get to know her better. Lilian opposes it, because it is because of Noor if Irène is in prison. Cédric assures him of the contrary and points the finger at his son that he knows it perfectly. He explains to his children that he would like them to meet so that they see that it is not the devil they imagine. But Lilian refuses to attend dinner. Angie takes the opportunity to ask permission to invite Nathan. This will be an opportunity to make official presentations. Cedric agrees.

Jahia discusses a little later with Lilian and Angie about Noor’s arrival. Like her brother, she blames Noor for their mother’s incarceration. She believes that Noor has no right to set foot in their home. Jahia thinks it’s a total disrespect to their mother whose all belongings are still there. But Angie points out to her sister and brother that their parents’ couple was already falling apart before their father cheated on their mother, and that they might have ended up separating in any case.

During dinner, the atmosphere is heavy. Jahia reflects on Noor’s age. Cédric asks his daughter to stop. But Jahia continues her provocation and the dinner turns into a fiasco. Before leaving, Noor tells Jahia that she understood his message and that of Lilian who didn’t come tonight. She is aware that it is not easy for them and says she is sorry to put them through all this. Noor explains to Jahia that she and her father really love each other and that they have decided to go a long way together. That’s why she thinks they should find a way to get along. Noor is aware that this will not happen immediately, but she believes in it. After Noor leaves, it’s time for Nathan to come home. Cédric thanks him for his good humor and tells him that it was a pleasure for him to meet him.


Manon begins her internship at the police station

Manon’s internship at the police station begins today. But Aurore still doesn’t want her daughter to follow in her footsteps and will make sure that her colleagues ruin her internship. William warns his wife, because their daughter is tough. Aurore replies to her husband that she is even tougher than their daughter. For her part, Manon is so happy to start her internship that she hasn’t slept all night.

At the police station, Nordine follows Aurore’s instructions and gives Manon a daunting task: sorting entire boxes of complaint filings by date of arrival, checking each address of the reports with the postal codes, and making an Excel table.

Once her task is finished, Manon speaks to Roxane who also follows Aurore’s instructions. Aurore’s daughter thinks it’s great to be able to follow people’s tracks with telephone logging or to discover all the secrets of criminals thanks to hacking, but Roxane strongly emphasizes the forbidding side of her job and then asks her to sort cables.

Manon is bored and confides in her mother. She feels like her co-workers aren’t happy that she’s there. Aurore pretends to be surprised. Then, she explains to her daughter that the police is a very difficult environment which is not made for everyone. Manon begs her mother to give her something interesting to do. Aurore then asks her to tidy up her desk and tells her daughter that she will ask Roxane to put her on CCTV footage afterwards. But Manon decides to take on her mother at her own game.

She goes to see Damien who didn’t know she was on an internship at the police station. Manon makes him believe that his mother often talks about him at home and that she portrays him as one of the best in his field. She tells Damien that it was also Aurore who suggested that she go see him for his internship, because he would have a lot to teach her. Damien is flattered and agrees to take Manon on an internship with the technical and scientific police, but at the end of the week because he needs time to complete some big files. Aurore sees them together. Manon tells him that Damien has agreed to take him with him…

Tristan arrested for the murder of Louise Kersal

Martin and Damien make a point with the prosecutor Perraud on the investigation of the serial killer of Sète. Their last suspect, Arnaud Lesieur, was found the day before in his car, dead, arms crossed. The toxicological results show that he was poisoned with digitalis by ingestion. The poison was found in a half-empty water bottle left inside his vehicle. The medical examiner meanwhile recovered a tiger rosebud stuck in his throat.

Sébastien Perraud immediately receives a call from a journalist. The media keeps harassing him to interview him about the serial killer. Martin advises him to say as little as possible because every word will be taken for a provocation. Sébastien thanks him but points out to Martin that he still knows his work. He then asks Commander Constant to arrest the serial killer as soon as possible.

Karim informs Alex that Loïc Mercier’s copycat has made a new victim. Alex worries that Chloe is still in danger. Karim tries to reassure him. He doesn’t think the copycat is going after her. In addition, he has placed police in front and behind the house, two teams are on duty 24 hours a day and four plainclothes police are dispatched to the school. Karim asks Alex to trust him, they will corner him.

For his part, Georges asks Vanessa if she is really sure she wants to go to the Spoon today. The copycat is still running and he would have preferred to know she was safe with them. Vanessa explains to Georges how important it is for her to be present at the tribute paid to Louise. She needs to have a gesture for her, even symbolic.

Louise not only hired her at the Spoon, she accepted her as she is, with her sometimes difficult character. With Bart, they always trusted her and when it came to arbitrating between her and Tristan, they chose her. Vanessa feels that she really owes them a lot and that being present is the least we can do. She promises Georges to be careful.

Bart, devastated by Louise’s death, can’t write a speech for the ceremony because it’s his wife he wants to talk to. Anna advises her son to write as if he were addressing her directly. Anna worries that her son will regret it if he doesn’t speak at the ceremony. At the same time, Bart receives an email from the travel agency which contains the surprise itinerary he had planned for their honeymoon. Devastated by the pain, he breaks down in tears. Anna comforts him.

The investigation is progressing. By analyzing Arnaud Lesieur’s cell phone, a text message caught the attention of investigators: a message he sent to his girlfriend just before his death. Shocked by Louise’s death, he suspected Tristan Girard of putting poison in Louise’s cup. Tristan had indeed managed to dismiss him a few minutes before the champagne glasses were filled and just after he saw him hand a glass to Louise.

Bart, Anna, Chloé, Louise’s children go to the Spoon to attend the tribute to Louise. Bart and Vanessa embrace. Bart thanks Vanessa for having organized this tribute, and tells her that Louise loved her very much. Bart then reads some messages from the condolence book.

Now that Loïc Mercier is dead, Tristan becomes the main suspect for the prosecutor. He is suspected to be the copycat. Moreover, even if Tristan has a seemingly harmless profile, he has been through difficult things. Separated painfully recently, he is the brother of Sacha Girard imprisoned for murders and attempted homicide on his own family. He was also a hostage at the Spoon and worked with Odysseus who was killed. Despite everything, Martin finds it difficult to see him as a serial killer. Sébastien thinks that the frustration of seeing others happy can make someone spin. He asks Martin to call out Tristan right away and get him to talk this time.

In the evening, at the Spoon, Martin asks Tristan to follow them. Nordine performs the usual pat-downs and discovers tiger rose petals in his jacket pocket. Martin places Tristan under arrest for the murder of Louise Kersal. Bart is in shock.

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