Tomorrow Belongs to Us in advance of May 27, 2022: Georges shoots Vanessa and saves Victoire’s life, Camille sees the true face of Stanislas (Summary of DNA episode 1195)


“Tomorrow is ours” preview, detailed summary and spoilers for DNA Friday, May 27, 2022 Episode 1195. In your daily series, Manon calls herself an investigator. Camille discovers Stanislas’ true nature while Georges saves Victoire’s life.


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The summary of Tomorrow belongs to us from Thursday, May 26, 2022 is also online. Good reading.


Tomorrow belongs to us Summary of episode 1195 of Friday May 27, 2022

Manon calls herself an investigator

Manon continues her observation internship at the police station. Damien can’t take care of the young girl today, he’s overwhelmed with work. Manon offers her help, but Damien refuses. He suggests that she go and offer her help at the reception of the police station. Manon has a great sense of contact, and it is certain that she will ensure. Manon is not fooled. She understood that her mother was doing everything to disgust her with the job and that she instructed Damien to send her to foster care. This one is a bit uncomfortable and suggests that he talk about it with his mother. But Manon dismisses this idea out of hand. The young girl is not discouraged, however. She explains to Damien that she will go to reception. Manon is certain that even there, she will find a way to appreciate the work of the police.

Timothée has had his bike stolen and wants to file a complaint. His father accompanies him to the police station. Victor explains to Manon that he tried to convince his son that it would be useless. Timothée tells his father that the police must find his bike and punish the thief. Victor tries to make his son understand that he is just going to waste time and energy. He offers to buy him a new bike, but Timothée refuses. He wants his bike. Manon does some research. Stealing a bicycle is an offense punishable by a fine of 45,000 euros and 3 years in prison. The young girl assures Timothée that she takes care of everything and calls an agent.

Nordine takes Timothée’s statement. Full of enthusiasm, Manon offers her help to Nordine for the investigation. Nordine explains to him that they have other priorities and then, Timothée was not attacked and cannot describe his thief either. Nordine asks Manon to file Timothée’s complaint on the appropriate pile. Now that his name is on file, they will contact him again if they come across stolen bikes. Manon does not understand why the police take complaints if they are not dealt with. Nordine explains to the young girl that the law obliges them to register all complaints, even the most eccentric.

But Manon makes it her mission to find Timothée’s bike and calls herself an investigator. She acts like a pro. Manon borrowed gloves and pouches from the technical and scientific police for the clue readings. At the scene of the theft, she finds a piece of padlock. Back at the police station, she emotionally blackmails Damien by telling him about Timothée’s autism. Damien ends up agreeing to take a fingerprint.


Camille glimpses the true face of Stanislas

The relationship between Raphaëlle and Camille deteriorates. Raphaëlle refuses to tell Camille how she learned that Dorian was seeing another girl. And for the lawyer, now, the main thing is that her daughter gets away from him and takes care of her. After her mother’s departure, the young girl questions Stanislas who denies knowing anything. He makes Camille believe that he tried to talk to his mother and that she didn’t want to tell him. Camille does not understand why her mother refuses to tell her how she found out that Dorian is cheating on her. Stanislas continues to pull the strings. And he makes Camille believe that her mother never really held Dorian in her heart from the start.

When she arrives at high school, Camille confides in Dorian that her mother is convinced that he is cheating on her and that is why she does not want her to see him anymore. Dorian falls from the clouds. He assures Camille that he would never cheat on her, that he is fine with her and that he has no desire to go elsewhere. And for Camille to be totally reassured, he wants to leave her his phone so that she can check for herself. But Camille knows full well that the messages can be erased. Dorian tells Camille that he loves her and that she can trust him.

After class, Camille goes to Raphaëlle’s office and confronts her mother. Raphaëlle admits not having seen Dorian with another girl. She then explains to her daughter that she has no right to tell her how she knows he is cheating on her. Camille suspects her mother of having made it all up because she never liked Dorian. Raphaëlle assures him that it’s nonsense. Camille refuses to hear it and says to her mother that she disgusts her. Raphaëlle assures her daughter that she just wants to protect her and that she understands that Dorian is not as honest as he wants her to believe. Camille points out to her mother that she knows all about lies and betrayal. She points out to Raphaëlle that she cheated on her father and that it’s her fault that they divorced. Exhausted, Raphaëlle raises her arm and refrains from slapping her daughter. She then asks Camille to leave her office.

Camille finds her grandfather at the Spoon. Sébastien defends Raphaëlle. He explains to his granddaughter that her mother is worried about her and that she is just trying to protect her. Then, Sébastien confides to his granddaughter that it was Stanislas who would have surprised Dorian exchanging text messages with another girl. Besides, he thinks Stanislas made it all up. Camille is stunned. Back home, the young girl confronts Stanislas. She wants to tell her mother everything so that she realizes that he is just a bad guy. But Stanislas then shows his true face. He believes that Camille owes him respect and says to him: “Do you think you’re going to lay down your law, little co**e?, You’re the one who’s going to get out”. Camille turns on her heels and leaves.

George shoots Vanessa

Samuel is consumed by anguish. Vanessa kidnapped Victoire. William asks his friend to trust the police to find her. But Samuel can’t help thinking the worst. Victoire has heart problems. If she ingests a single drop of digitalis, she won’t survive. William encourages her not to give up. Meanwhile, Vanessa creates a pastry for “Victoire’s wedding”. She begs Vanessa to let her go, without success. Victoire then asks him to at least loosen the rope because her wrists hurt. But Vanessa needs calm to work and gags Victoire.

At the police station, Roxane and Georges are looking for a clue that could lead them to where Vanessa is holding Victoire. In Vanessa’s notebook, Georges notices on several photos the presence of a blue shape in the background. It is then that he receives a visit from Samuel. Consumed by anguish, he attacks Georges, whom he considers responsible for the situation. Georges summons him to lower his voice and declares that he is aware of having his share of the responsibility. He then explains to Samuel that he spent the whole night going through everything and that he has several teams who are checking everything on the ground. George orders Samuel to leave and let him do his job. As an aside, Sara assures Dr. Chardeau that they all share her anguish and are doing everything they can to find Victoire.

Meanwhile, Vanessa removes Victoire’s gag. Victoire tries to convince her that she is not his rival. She assures him that her affair with Georges is long over and that they no longer love each other. But Vanessa saw Georges take Victoire in his arms. Victoire assures him that it was just a friendly gesture. She tries to make him believe that Georges was bad about losing her because he’s crazy about her. But Vanessa points the finger at Victoire that if that were the case, he would have married her. Victoire explains to him that Georges is very shy and that you just have to push him a little. Vanessa grabs Victoire by the hair and forbids the young woman to speak ill of Georges.

At the police station, Roxane reworked the images to make the blue shape spotted by Georges speak. This is a very old plate piece that bears the letters ‘hman’. The police deduce that it is Vanessa’s name, Lehman.

Sara and Georges visit Paul, Vanessa’s father, hospitalized in a medical institute. They show him the photo of the plate in question. Paul identifies the plaque he had made for his ceramics workshop and to which he took Vanessa after school when she was little. Paul was a belayer by trade and ceramics was a hobby. Vanessa’s father gives the investigators the address of this workshop.

Meanwhile, Victoire refuses to taste the cake prepared by Vanessa. The latter then prepares a syringe filled with digitalis. But Victoire, meanwhile, by dint of rubbing the rope on her chair, managed to free herself from her bonds. She throws herself on Vanessa to try to grab the syringe from her hands. But when the police arrive at the workshop, Vanessa points the syringe at Victoire, ready to kill her if the police take another step. Georges tries to convince his ex-girlfriend not to do anything stupid and to release Victoire. He assures Vanessa that he fell in love with her like no other and that he still loves her. But the young woman is convinced that Georges is lying to her, and prepares to prick Victoire with the syringe. To save the life of his ex-companion, Georges shoots Vanessa who collapses on the ground. Is she dead?

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