Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1204 of Thursday, June 9, 2022 [SPOILERS]


Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1204 of Thursday, June 9, 2022 [SPOILERS]
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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Stanislas hits Raphaëlle, Manon makes her first arrest. At the same time, Judith is back in Sète.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday June 9 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Following his aunt’s revelations, Leo tries to understand why his family has always told him he doesn’t have a dad. Audrey assures him that she didn’t lie to him then explains that she didn’t know that her father was going to show up like that one day at their house. As the little boy would like to know if he looks like him or if he could one day meet him, Audrey, who is ill at ease, ends the conversation by indicating that it is time to go to school. However, she promises to answer all his questions tonight.

For his part, Commander Constant is waiting to have more concrete elements to question Stanislas. If everything overwhelms him, nothing yet proves that he was in Brittany the day of Eve’s death. Convinced of his guilt, however, prosecutor Perraud summons Martin to audition him as soon as possible.

Not far from there, Audrey confides to her children that Leo’s father is a violent man. Convinced that he could hurt her, she categorically refuses to let him approach her. She then confesses to them that the police have opened an investigation into the death of her sister and that there is a good chance that she was killed by Stanislas.

Later, Sophie tells Raphaëlle that she has agreed to defend Audrey Roussel. Even if they are not associated, Camille’s mother wants to tell her that she finds this approach inelegant. Annoyed, Sophie insists that she only agreed to this deal to protect Leo. And to specify that the fate of vulnerable minors is the very heart of its vocation. Although she understands her decision, Raphaëlle indicates that this situation will taint their relationship. If she feels she is too involved, Sophie therefore advises her to withdraw from the case.

In the afternoon, Stanislas is questioned by the police in the presence of Raphaëlle. Before the interrogation begins, the lawyer receives the results of the paternity test and Stanislas is indeed Leo’s biological father. Shortly after, Martin proceeds to the hearing and tries to unravel the mystery of the presence of the suspect in France at the time of the facts when he had stipulated to be on his way to the Philippines. Raphaëlle acknowledges that her client was in France on May 13, 2015, but she points out that this does not mean that he was present on May 11, when Eve died. For his part, Stanislas affirms that he was at sea when it happened.

In high school, Camille offers to help Jordan and give him the information she could find on Stanislas who could help Audrey’s lawyer. Once he thanks her, the teenager asks how she is. Moved, Camille replies that she is not reassured to live with him. In reality, she is mostly afraid for her mother and would not want her stepfather to hurt her. Jordan then makes her understand that if she needs anything, he will be there for her.

Nearby, Sophie warns Audrey that she is no longer protected by the article of the civil code which provides for the establishment of guardianship when the parents of a child are deceased. While the mother of the family regrets not having launched the adoption procedure earlier, her lawyer advises her to concentrate on the fight to be waged. When she meets Raphaëlle, Audrey cannot help but overwhelm her with reproaches. When Raphaëlle threatens to file a complaint if she continues to peddle these kinds of accusations, Audrey declares that she hopes that she will open her eyes before it is too late because her sister died there.

Leaving her office, Raphaëlle comes across Chloé who is waiting for her at the foot of the building. Worried for her, the latter certifies that she is not there to judge her and then swears to be there for her no matter what.

In the evening, Stanislas brought out the champagne to celebrate his victory. Indeed, the skipper is certain to obtain custody of his son thanks to his companion. Uncomfortable, she tells him that Audrey intends to oppose the procedure. Despite everything, Stanislas has thought about it and intends to claim sole custody of Leo. When Raphaëlle indicates that it would be a mistake to cut the little boy from his family, Stanislas sees red and is aggressive. After he takes her arm violently, Raphaëlle begs him to let her go but nothing works. Stanislas then grabs his hair and then punches him in the stomach. While she is on the ground, Stanislas throws ” either you’re with me or you’re against me but don’t you ever dare threaten me again “.


Following her failure the day before, Manon’s morale is low. To change his mind, Nordine takes him with him to file a case at the courthouse. While they are stopped at a red light, Manon spots the two suspects from the day before. In order to avoid seeing them slip away, Nordine hastens to get out of the vehicle and manages to challenge one of them. As he struggles to control him, the policeman calls Manon to come handcuff him.

Back at the police station, Manon does not hide her enthusiasm and tells her mother what happened. Angry, Aurore lectures them before declaring that they are not done with her. In the evening, Nordine meets Manon at the Spoon who tells her that she loved this day and that she absolutely wants to do this job. She even hopes to one day be able to team up with him again.


Since the explosion of his farmhouse, Alex is looking for a new oyster farm and visits a farm located on the road to Mèze. Although there is some work to be done, Alex is enthusiastic about the place. The real estate agent therefore advises him to make an offer without delay because several people are interested in this property.

If the oyster farmer counted on the money from the insurance to buy this mas, the new scales applied to his contract nevertheless strongly compromise his project.

Refusing to see her husband let his dream go up in smoke, Chloe decides to help him by lending him the savings she has put aside in recent years. As Alex rules out taking a penny from her, she doesn’t really leave him a choice. As they talk, Judith, who returned earlier than expected from her training in England, arrives to surprise them. Happy to be reunited with her parents, the young woman is also very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​working with her father again.

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