Tops / Flops Toulouse-La Rochelle: Dupont as a detonator, the powerless Rochelais


Tops / Flops Toulouse-La Rochelle: Dupont as a detonator, the powerless Rochelais
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Find the Tops and Flops of the Top 14 Toulouse-La Rochelle (33-28) barrage.


Toulouse is applying for re-election

By dismissing the winner of the last European Cup, Stade Toulousain scored a big blow this Saturday evening. The Rochelais have been gaining momentum in recent weeks, and yet the French champions have dominated the debates in intensity and game intentions. They will face Castres next Friday in the semi-finals in Nice, to win a ticket for the Stade de France. Only downside, the premature exit of Cros, hit in the left knee.

Toulouse people are really fresh

Defeated in wide widths in Ireland by Leinster (40-17), the specter of the white season stirred in front of Ugo Mola’s men. Their fatigue had been singled out… But surprisingly, the Haut-Garonne coach said yesterday that he had seen the opposite in training. “You think they’re going to be dull and they’re actually cooler than ever. This is where I was surprised by the freshness of the guys and their ability to repeat efforts at a good level, even a very good level.This feeling materialized on the lawn of Ernest-Wallon. These Toulousains, in this state of form, will be difficult to beat…

Dupont, the boss is back

Since the end of the Six Nations Tournament, he was said to be worn out by the pace of the matches, less efficient, too watched. There was an element of truth, surely exaggerated. Saturday evening, Dupont set the record straight. Beyond his perfect distribution and kicking game, he was instrumental in getting his team started. He took an interval, traveled 50 meters on Fouyssac’s first try (8th). Then, in his characteristic style, he came to the support of Arnold to score his 4th try in the last four games (13th).

The battle of collisions is Toulouse

It was announced before the match, and it is regularly the decisive theme of these confrontations between Haut-Garonne and Charentais: physical duels are the key to dominating your opponent. Several duels took place: Baille and Atonio competed on the front row, the first gradually getting the better of his teammate in blue. Alldritt’s influence was reduced by good tackles from Elstadt and Jelonch. Finally, Botia and Akhi engaged in a percussion contest.


La Rochelle can’t do it against Toulouse

By winning the Champions Cup two weeks ago against the Irish of Leinster, Stade Rochelais wanted to prove that it had joined the table of very big teams against the Rouge et Noir. Alas, he conceded a seventh consecutive defeat, including the two finals of the European Cup and the French championship last season. Worse, in the last eleven games played, the Maritimes had won ten games for a loss against… Toulouse. Black beast.

O’Gara was wrong

The Irish coach of the Charente-Maritime club made a mistake when analyzing this match. “It is timehe said before the meeting. The timing is perfect. We need to show what we are capable of doing. This is the opportunity to show our level.“A somewhat presumptuous statement: taken by the throat by the Toulouse, he could not find the right levers to re-motivate his troops at the break. His desire not to stamp on the foot and to confine himself to a restrictive game caused his downfall.


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