Twitch’s #1 streamer blackmailed for nudes, exposes manager’s trick


Twitch’s #1 streamer blackmailed for nudes, exposes manager’s trick
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news culture Twitch’s #1 streamer blackmailed for nudes, exposes manager’s trick

In recent weeks, it seems that toxic behavior has increased. Witness the various testimonies observed on social networks. All this without counting the extortion attempts that hit some streamers.


  • Sexism and harassment: facts on the rise
  • “They asked me to send them a picture of my bare chest”

Sexism and harassment: facts on the rise

For the past few days, toxic behaviors concerning streamers have continued to be highlighted. Is it a simple increase in offenses or those concerned who can no longer take it, like the long thread shared by Maghla to describe behind the scenes of the life of a streamer?. It’s hard to say at the moment, but there’s no doubt that in recent days we’ve seen many streamers speak up to expose what they are regularly victims of. Testifies to this Chipsette who decides to challenge a sexist viewer in full streamor else the Laara_TV forced to take a break from Twitch after receiving death threats.

Events that arise shortly before a large study published by Dr. Rachel Kowert. She attempted to unravel the reasons for toxicity and harassment among video game players with “Identity Fusion and Extremism in Gaming Cultures“. It explores from a sociological point of view the roots of the toxicity that we regularly observe in players. We summarize it for you with the daily, at the top of this article.

“They asked me to send them a picture of my bare chest”

In any case, many malicious people hang out on the Internet. They may want to extort money from content creators, especially if they are popular: this is the case, for example, of Pokimane, videographer and most followed streamer on Twitch. Recently, she spoke on the social network to explain that she had been blackmailed:

I was recently almost blackmailed and wanted to share what happened to me as a precaution. I uploaded the story to my tiktok, highly recommended. Especially for small creators. Be careful what you share online!

In the process, she shares a video of her facing the camera recorded for the social network TikTok. In the first part of the video, she explains that she did business with the Neiwai brand (specializing in lingerie). A few days later, Pokimane indicates receiving an email from the same brand inviting him to a collaboration. Probably in exchange for communication on social networks, the streamer then received a batch of custom-made bras… for which she had to send something very special:

I realized they weren’t showing me how to take my measurements. They asked me to put a tape measure around me and send them a picture of my bare chest.

A very well done scam according to her, which goes so far as to reproduce the brand’s website as well as the (almost) same addresses. This is partly thanks to the “Hotmail“that she smelled trouble, besides the fact that no brand would ask for nude photos of you. A”amount of effort that is both comical and frightening” she concluded.

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