Type 43 on your smartphone: this brilliant trick will make your life easier

Type 43 on your smartphone: this brilliant trick will make your life easier
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Many still do not know it, but there are an infinity of secret codes that act as shortcuts to simplify certain functions of your mobile phones. These are “alphanumeric” character combinations that allow you to access a specific menu from which you can activate a range of useful functions. Like code 43 that many people have never used. Discover some hidden codes that will save you a lot of time!

Yes, you use it all the time without ever really breaking it down. However, your Smartphone is full of interesting and unsuspected tricks. Indeed, it hides many secrets that only a few insiders know. Although it is characterized by many applications and functions that make our lives easier, the mobile phone is equipped with secret codes that some have never even heard of. Like the famous trick of typing the code 43 on your device and which turns out to be particularly useful.

What happens when you type the code 43 on your mobile phone?


Using the phone – Source: spm

In addition to the classic menu that many of you use regularly, the Smartphone contains a number of hidden subtleties that you can easily access. These secret phone codes are of great help: they allow users to take full advantage of a number of advantages of their device. Note that these fast USSD codes were first created to make it easier for service technicians when mobiles need to be repaired.

Some of them are therefore very technical, you will not need them especially, but there are a few that can be very useful to you. Especially since even your telecommunications operator can give you access if you wish.

Their big advantage: they allow easy access to the various functions of the device. This is particularly the case with code 43 on your mobile phone. You just need to enter the code like when you dial a number and you will notice that it helps you to configure the call waiting settings.

Interesting phone code combinations

hold your phone

Holding your phone – Source: spm

However, before entering the codes, you must take a few precautions: because some codes can completely modify the functionality of your device, or even erase all your data. For security, you can save your mobile phone data to another device. On the other hand, keep in mind that not all codes are compatible on all types of devices.

Good to know : here is a little trick that will satisfy all parents and especially their children! It will help you block all calls so that your little one can play freely on your Smartphone. You will no longer have to worry about disturbing your contacts, simply by entering the secret code *33*#. When your child is done playing, you can disable this feature by typing #33*pin#.

Here is the list of secret codes for Android device

*#06#: you will get information about IMEI, mobile phone id.

* # 0 * #: you will have access to the service menu.

*#*#0842#*#*: This code tests lighting and vibration.

*#*#4636#*#*: This secret code tests Wi-Fi signal, battery, usage statistics and other useful information.

*#61#: It displays the call forwarding setting when there is no answer.

*#34971539#: you will get some information about the camera.

*#2663#: This is all kinds of information on the touch screen.

*#7465625#: This code is for cell phone lock status.

*#*#8351#*#: it allows you to listen to the recordings with your voice of the last 20 phone calls.

*#*#273282*255*663282*#*#*: With this secret code, you can backup your media files.

#*273*283663282*255*#: It copies all media data (photos, songs, videos) from SD card to device internal memory.

# 31 # phone number: this code hides your number when you call someone.

*#*#8255#*#*: This code displays the GTalk service.

*#232337#: This is the MAC address of the mobile phone.

*2767*2878# or *#*#7780#*#: This code will help you format the device by cleaning apps, but not deleting saved data.

* 2767 * 3855 #: be careful, this code allows you to perform a “complete reset” of your Smartphone (deletion of all data).

Here is the list of secret codes for the iPhone

* # 06 #: you will be able to discover the IMEI of your Smartphone.

*#33#: you will have access to call blocking settings.

*#43#: Here you will be able to access call waiting settings.

*3001#12345#*: This is the shortcut to access advanced network settings.

*#21#: This code returns you to call forwarding settings.

*#30#: This is the caller’s number display status.

*#61#: This code displays the number of missed calls.

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