UEFA index: France ends the year strong!


UEFA index: France ends the year strong!
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That’s it, we’re done with the first phase of the European Cups. Before knowing the future draws of the competitions, it is time to make an initial assessment, in particular at the level of the UEFA coefficient. And for France, we can say that the balance sheet is generally satisfactory, but does not deserve to ignite either.

Because yes, French clubs are doing well, and even better than Portugal and the Netherlands, France’s two opponents for obtaining fifth place in the index in June 2023, which will be decisive as to to the numbers of qualified in C1 (3 qualified in the group stage + 1 play-off for the 5th in the ranking of the index) in the new formula of the Champions League, scheduled for September 2024. But like this last week European, there were good, average and very bad.

So far, the weather is fine, but…

PSG ends the year qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League and will be the only representatives qualified following the resounding failure of OM and their defeat still in all memories against Tottenham, after leading 1-0 at halftime. But Paris, despite its 2-1 victory in Turin, only finished 2nd, and will inevitably fall on a big piece in the 1/8th finals of the C1.

As for the three teams still aligned in the Europa League, they are still alive, but after group stages on alternating current, Rennes (disappointing against Larnaca 1-1), Nantes (which won in Piraeus against Olympiakos) and Monaco, also victorious against Partizan Belgrade 4-1, are only qualified for the play-offs.

We will therefore have to go through an additional round to hope to qualify for the 1/8th final of the Europa League, especially since there will also be heavy in prospect with the reverses of the Champions League. Finally, Nice is also continuing its journey in the Conference League and will be there for the European Cups in 2023. For the moment, all is well, therefore, next Monday’s draws could bring their share of big teams and of disappointments. To be continued…

Ranking of nations with the UEFA coefficient for the 2022/23 season (in brackets, the number of clubs remaining in competition and the number of clubs qualified this season for European competitions) as of 04/11/2022:

-1. England 16,571 points (7/7)

-2. Germany 13,750 (7/7)

-3. Spain 12,428 points (6/7)

-4. Italy 11,928 points (7/7)

-5. France 10,916 points (5/6)

-6. Turkey 10,800 points (4/5)

-7. Belgium 10,600 points (4/5)

-8. Netherlands 10,300 points (4/5)

-9. Portugal 10,000 points (4/6)

-10. Czech Republic 6,750 points (0/4)

Ranking of nations by UEFA coefficient over the last five seasons (between 2018 and 2023):

-1. England 103,141 points

-2. Spain 88,855 points

-3. Germany 79.106 points

-4. Italy 71,497 points

-5. France 59,497 points

-6. Netherlands 56,700 points

-7. Portugal 53,716 points

-8. Belgium 38,600 points

-9. Scotland 36,400 points

-10. Austria 33,600 points

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