V Rising: Upcoming Detailed Updates!


V Rising: Upcoming Detailed Updates!
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Game news V Rising: Upcoming Detailed Updates!

Overwhelmed by the magnitude of the critical reception of their brand new title, the developers of Stunlock were not between four boards, like the protagonists of their game, but on a small cloud. Today, the latter descended from it to thank the players and give some clues about the next, as yet undated, additions to V Rising.


  • The Steam phenomenon does not want to miss its launch
  • The rise of the vampires has only just begun!

The Steam phenomenon does not want to miss its launch

Paradoxically, the sparkling sun and the first heat of May allowed the developers of Stunlock to shine the new vampiric adventure they concocted. In less than two weeks, V Rising has embarked on a campaign ofearly access which quickly ended in total success, as evidenced by the first sales of the game and the influx of players every day. This success, the developers had not seen it coming, but it represents a real relief because the launch of this early access is only the first stage of their journey. Thanks to this, the vampires will be able to extract themselves from their crypt while calmly considering the future!

In the immediate future, the Stunlock teams have planned their first missions on the game as they explain in a message posted on studio blog. From now on, it is for them to refine the basic version of the game by tackling bugs, balancing, server optimizations and all the options that will ensure flawless gaming comfort.. The goal is to ” finalize initial projects », to include all the basic ideas they wanted to implement, and to prepare as well as possible for the official commercial release.

The rise of the vampires has only just begun!

Yes, the developers of Stunlock are firmly rooted in the present, but that doesn’t stop them from peering into the future and talking about it. It is therefore with a little lighter heart that they have spoken about the next stage of the project. However, they prefer to be clear: they will have to be patient because the ideas they have in store are not for now. Not wanting to go too fast for fear of burning their wings, the creators of V Rising need time, but here’s what could make it in the next updates.

V Rising: Upcoming Detailed Updates!

Already from one, the content will be more and more consistent. In this type of game Diablothere is never enough, that’s why V Rising will have the rightin the more or less near future, to more weapons, lootsorceries, challenges and V Blood to increase the special abilities available. Denser content, but also broader: the studio is considering expand the worlds to explore, as well as the means available to strengthen your humble abode. V Rising is already fine-tuning its long-term strategy because it is thirsty for blood, or rather for success!

V Rising: Upcoming Detailed Updates!

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