Very B&You days: the 100 GB package at 12.99 euros at Bouygues Telecom

Very B&You days: the 100 GB package at 12.99 euros at Bouygues Telecom
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Finding your package is not easy. To help you make the best choice, we present to you the Bouygues Telecom offer: until May 18, the operator is offering its 100 GB non-binding package at only 12.99 euros per month. It allows you to benefit from a complete offer and from the Bouygues network, while keeping an eye on your portfolio. We provide you with all the information.

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Everyone deserves to have a plan completely adapted to their needs and their use, without having to make concessions on their budget. For this, operators regularly offer attractive offers. Currently, Bouygues Telecom is presenting the Very B&You days. For only 12.99 euros per month, a 100 GB package is available. In this article, you will find all the information you need before subscribing.

Very B&You: a package made for you

Bouygues Telecom is no longer an operator to present: over the years, it has proven its know-how and won the trust of consumers. He fully understands their expectations and knows how to meet them. The proof is: until May 18, it offers a 100 GB package for only 12.99 euros per month. At this price, you can enjoy:

  • Unlimited calls and SMS in mainland France,
  • A data envelope of 100 GB, 20 GB of which can be used in Europe and the overseas departments,
  • The freedom of non-binding,
  • The quality of the Bouygues Telecom network.

You have full control over your package. You can end it as soon as you wish, without having to provide an explanation to the operator or having to pay termination fees. In addition, thanks to the performance of its network, your communications will be effective at all times, wherever you are.

With B&You’s 100 GB package, you combine quality and low price.

Packages adapted to all needs

No one has the same needs, it depends on several criteria:

  • Your budget: how much are you willing to spend each month on your phone plan?
  • Your use: how do you use your smartphone? Only to make calls? To browse the internet?
  • Do you use it for personal reasons or do you also have professional needs?

Once you have answered these questions, you can direct yourself to the plan of your choice. Bouygues Telecom offers, until May 18, other offers that may interest you:

For small needs

A 5 GB package valid in mainland France and from Europe and the overseas departments as well as unlimited calls and SMS in France. All this for 4.99 euros per month and… without obligation. An ideal offer for small needs or for a first package.

For high needs

If you have great data needs, you can count on the 200 GB package at 14.99 euros per month. It also includes unlimited calls and SMS in France as well as a 200 GB data envelope, 20 GB of which can be used in Europe and the overseas departments, still without obligation.

The freedom of 5G

Bouygues Telecom offers a 5G-compatible package, in order to benefit from a better connection even in high-traffic areas. You will benefit from a fluidity and speed of use at all times. In addition to unlimited calls and SMS, it has 130 GB of internet in 5G and 4G as well as a 25 GB envelope that can be used in Europe and the overseas departments. This offer is displayed at 24.99 euros per month, without commitment.

The advantages of Bouygues Telecom

By subscribing to a B&You plan, you ensure you benefit from several advantages:

  • Make great savings: B&You offers are displayed at low prices in order to respect your budget, while taking advantage of the operator’s performance.
  • The freedom of non-binding: you are not tied to your operator for several months, or even a year. You can change at any time if you are no longer satisfied.
  • Ease of subscription: in just a few clicks, you can subscribe to an offer and very quickly receive your SIM card. All you have to do is activate it in your customer area.
  • The flexibility of packages: you don’t adapt to your package, but the reverse. If you want to add options or data, for example, you can do so.

What you must remember

  • – A 100 GB package for 12.99 euros per month
    – Offers adapted to all needs
    – The ease of non-binding
    – Available until May 18

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