Video games on PC: Microsoft adds a useful feature to all players on the Xbox app


Video games on PC: Microsoft adds a useful feature to all players on the Xbox app
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News hardware Video games on PC: Microsoft adds a useful feature to all players on the Xbox app

PC gamers know it well, they had to learn many things to understand whether or not their PC was able to support a game. With the democratization of computer gaming and the merger of the Xbox and Microsoft ecosystems, the PC gaming is becoming more and more affordable. And to make it all easier, the Xbox app is updating to make PC gaming even more convenient.

Xbox app updates to make life easier for PC gamers

With regular updates to the Xbox app, Microsoft manages to follow trends perfectly, including fixing the interface that wasn’t to everyone’s liking. But now, the American firm goes further and offers to help you choose your next video game experiences.

Of course, no gamer wants to be faced with the case of buying a $70 game that they can’t even run on their machine. For this Microsoft has found a solution.

As soon as you download this June’s update, you will have access to a button just below the install one so that the application can check your components and reveal to you if your configuration is powerful enough to run the Game.

Xbox uses here the many data accumulated over the years on the application to create a kind of large-scale PC comparison. Even if the requirements recommended by the developers indicate that a certain graphics card, processor, or amount of RAM is required, these indications are not sufficient to determine if a PC can run a game.

Indeed, with the proliferation of components on the PC, whether it is the different processors, graphics cards or even hard drives, it is difficult to create infallible benchmarks, even for those who designed the game. The game Cyberpunk 2077 testifies to this. which indicated a recommended configuration well below what the game actually required.

This feature being brand new, Xbox does not yet display the comparison button on all games, especially those that have just landed on PC. But now you can know if your PC has a good enough configuration to play certain games, without having to go through third-party software.

Important information to understand to play properly on PC

When you are a PC player, you have necessarily experienced the misfortune of a catastrophic game launch. With stars in their eyes when the software is launched, the enthusiasm generally goes down very quickly when our screen displays a black screen, or a disappointing framerate.

To play on PC, you must first take a look at the graphics card you have. Whether it’s an Nvidia or AMD GPU, you should always check if the latest driver updates have been made. Indeed, the driver is software that will use your graphics card to optimize it as well as possible, which is why recent games often require an update to be able to be launched in good conditions.

Now that the Xbox app will be able to tell you if your configuration is sufficient or not to play a game, you hardly have to check yourself if your components are capable of running a game.

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