Vitaa resents Diam’s like never before after her documentary, she reveals the reasons


Vitaa resents Diam’s like never before after her documentary, she reveals the reasons
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Vitaa features in Salam, her friend Diam’s documentary. She made this film to make fans understand her conversion to Islam. She has thus made a comeback after many years. Her best friend then reacted on Instagram with a lot of emotions. Read the following article for more details between these two great artists…

Diam’s, the “sister” of Vitaa, has released a documentary

Fans of Diam’s, Vitaa’s great friend, can now watch the Salam documentary. The latter is being released in theaters for a limited time. Diam’s confided in this project during an interview with Sept à Huit. She talked about his depression, his suffering and his rebirth. Indeed, she was no longer in the spotlight before making a comeback, almost ten years later.

Diam’s, very close to Vitaa, was touched by the fact that people were interested in her career. But she didn’t let other people describe it for her. So she took up the pen again. There is Diam’s story behind the real woman she is now. But it is also a human description. You will find how find inner peace. Especially if you are lost in the tangle of life.

Some reactions to the Salam documentary produced by Diam’s

It could also be that a book with images and details of Salam will come out one day. Diam’s is still present on social networks. She regularly chats with her fans on Instagram. Saturday July 2, someone thus asked the question if Vitaa is also part of Salam. Everyone is indeed curious about the relationship between these two women.

The interpreter of La boulette then replied that yes, the singer obviously appeared in the documentary Salam. She talks about Diam’s and vice versa. The rapper then thinks that Charlotte Bendaoud’s stories have made a lot of people smile. Vitaa then replied on Instagram that Diam’s displayed it well with laughing crying emojis.

What is the relationship between Vitaa and Diam’s currently?

Vitaa, who had to part with her baby, reacted several times to Diam’s project. She had already announced a message of support during the preview of Salam in Cannes. The singer then declared that she had a great privilege to see the film about her “sister” Diam’s. She even added thatshe was very upset. There was indeed enough to have emotions during this documentary and all these comments on social networks.

Vitaa continued that anyone who loved Diam’s, listened to it, or hated it should absolutely watch this documentary. Then they will understand why. The singer said she loves her “sister” and is really proud of what Diam’s has become now. She wrote it all with great emotion. There is therefore a large complicity forever between the two friends.

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