We configured the most expensive Dacia Sandero possible


We configured the most expensive Dacia Sandero possible
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Buying a Sandero is and will remain a smart purchase for a long time to come. But to take the opposite view of this often calculated investment, we have configured the most expensive Sandero there is. Here is the detail.

Like an implacable law, the price of new cars increases. And do not believe that Dacia escapes the rule. All champion of tight prices that he is, the Romanian manufacturer, under the leadership of Renault, has no real choice but to follow the trend and increase, slowly but surely, its prices. To caricature this progressive growth a little, we had fun configuring the most expensive Dacia Sandero possible. A symbolic choice than that of the Romanian city car since it is the cheapest in the range. Except that for this somewhat special configuration, we chose the Dacia Sandero Stepway variant, more expensive than the standard by at least €3,410. An entry ticket of €14,900 which we have almost succeeded in doubling by adding everything a Dacia Sandero can be equipped with in the factory.

The Dacia Sandero almost twice as expensive after the configuration

Starting with the TCe 90 hp engine and a CVT automatic gearbox. This engine-box assembly is indeed more expensive than the recent TCe 110 which is only available with a manual gearbox. Then, you obviously have to move towards the most expensive finish, namely Expression, which integrates the main equipment as standard, such as the 8-inch multimedia touch screen (with smartphone replication and a USB port), air conditioning or cruise control. Here we are at 17,800 € before the game of maximum customization begins.

The Dacia Sandero Stepway 2023 and its bike rack.© Dacia

Which takes place in two stages, first taking all the available option packs and then, secondly, equipping the Dacia Sandero with all the accessories offered by Dacia. Note, however, that for maximum realism, we have not checked all the accessories without thinking, but selected all those that can be combined on the car. Example, we have not selected a ski rack since a roof box is available and can precisely contain skis…

In total, we arrived at a final addition of €25,290 for a Dacia Sandero Stepway TCe 90 CVT Expression, Orange Atacama colour, fitted with 16-inch Mahalia rims and all possible options from the manufacturer’s catalogue.

All option packs available

  • Comfort pack: hands-free card, electric parking brake, high console with storage (€400)
  • Comfort + Pack: electric sunroof and automatic air conditioning (€750)
  • Navigation Pack: Media Nav + Western Europe Cartography updated for 3 years (400 €)
  • City pack: reversing camera, front/rear parking aid, blind spot detector (€500)
  • Automatic air conditioning (250 €)
  • Spare wheel (200 €)
  • Heated front seats (200 €)

All Dacia Sandero accessories and their prices

  • Induction smartphone charger on center console (€150)
  • Lower front and rear door protections (€175)
  • 16-inch alloy rim (€154)
  • Front parking aid (€330)
  • Premium textile floor mats (75 €)
  • 2-bike carrier on 13-pin hitch (€460)
  • 13-pin tool-free removable hitch kit (€749)
  • Stainless steel trunk threshold (80 €)
  • Hard roof box 480 l (335 €)
  • Front and rear seat covers (215 €)
  • Trunk organizer (25 €)
  • Roof spoiler (140 €)
  • Hanger on headrest (55 €)
  • Hook and multifunction system (80 €)
  • Cool box 12V-220V (130 €)
  • Child seat (330 €)
  • Picnic basket (45 €)
  • Fire extinguisher 1 kg (22 €)
  • Separation grid (150 €)
  • Safety kit 1 vest + 1 triangle + 1 first aid kit (21 €)
  • Dashcam board camera (250 €)
  • Customization stickers (125 €)
  • Shark antenna (169 €)
  • Front mud flaps (65 €)
  • Rear mud flaps (65 €)
Published on 01/22/2023 Updated 01/22/2023

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