We saw the first episodes of “Harry & Meghan” on Netflix, the documentary that puts the royal family on edge


We saw the first episodes of “Harry & Meghan” on Netflix, the documentary that puts the royal family on edge
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In “Harry & Meghan”, the couple intends to tell “their truth”. This first part, available since Thursday, was therefore particularly awaited.

“Nobody knows the whole story. We know the whole story.” The release of the documentary trailer on Monday Harry & Meghan on Netflix has reignited tensions between the couple and the royal family. Three months to the day after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, these first images have brought to the fore a crisis which has seen British royalty accused of never having accepted the American actress, mixed race and divorcee.

The documentary mixes interviews in duo or separately, all made before August, archive images and videos filmed by the couple in the style of a diary. Franceinfo saw the first three episodes aired on the streaming platform Thursday, December 8. The last three – which promise to be more risky for the royal family with the story of their break with royalty and their departure to California – will be available in a week. After three hours, in any case, the promise of an earthquake within the British monarchy is not kept. Here’s what to remember.

On the paparazzi

The documentary begins with a face-to-face testimony from Harry, from his phone, in one of the lounges at London’s Heathrow airport, two weeks after the announcement, in January 2020, of their withdrawal from royalty. Lady Diana’s son justifies their decision by saying it is his duty to “protect [sa] family” paparazzi who surround him since his birth. This harassment against him began, according to him, with the death of his mother on August 31, 1997 and accelerated when the young prince entered the posh college of Eaton. “The paparazzi don’t ask for anything in particular, they just want to destroy us”, accuses Harry. He also criticizes journalists who follow the royal family, nicknamed the “royal rota”. :

“They want to control us and exploit our family. They control the perception of our traumas and our history.”


in the documentary “Harry & Meghan”

Actress Meghan Markle says she was unaware of what her story with a member of the royal family would entail. “It was as if all the British media had invaded Toronto”, where she lived at the time of the formalization of their relationship on October 29, 2016, she says. Some paparazzi even go so far as to pay her neighbors to install cameras pointed at her house and garden, forcing her to live reclusively at home. This “Rite of passage”as Harry hears himself described by people in the royal family, was different from what his mother or other women had experienced, because of Meghan’s skin color.

On racism towards Meghan

A year and a half after their shock interview on American television, in which they accused a member of the royal family of racism, Harry believes this time that this factor played a significant role in the hostility of the press towards his mixed-race wife . One of the first press articles presents it as the one that comes “almost Compton”a neighborhood in the suburbs of Los Angeles where Kendrick Lamar and the Williams sisters grew up. “It is factually false and why stigmatize this district?” wonders Meghan.

“To see another woman in my life going through this outpouring of hatred is very painful”testifies Harry, in reference to the daily media harassment suffered by his mother. Meghan, she lives with cyberbullying, between the many online articles and messages on social networks. A week after the formalization of their relationship, the prince publishes a press release to denounce the racism of which his companion is the victim.

The official announcement of their engagement, on November 27, 2017, also comes in the midst of the Brexit debate which is agitating British society. The documentary reminds us that the migration issue is in the news. Meghan then thinks her engagement will calm things down and that “everything will be better”. “The truth is that no matter how hard I tried, to show myself at my best, does she breathethey would always find a way to harm me.”

“My son, my daughter, my children are mixed race, and I’m really proud of that.”


in the documentary “Harry & Meghan”

“My family tends to participate in the problem, not solve it, it’s mainly due to our conditioning”believes Harry, who returns to “one of the biggest mistakes of his life” : this Nazi disguise he had worn during a party in 2005. The photo of the young prince and his red armband adorned with a swastika caused a scandal. Harry recounts in the documentary that following this episode, he met a Holocaust survivor and “learned” of his “mistake”.

On protocol

The arrival of the American in the British monarchy brings a breath of fresh air. But very quickly the tabloids dissect the actions of Meghan, to whom no one had learned the protocol, before becoming hostile to her. During the first interview after the announcement of their engagement, the couple realizes that they have no right to tell their story. “truth”. “We had to stick to the official version”assure the spouses.

It’s not the only time Meghan has suffered under the weight of monarchical protocol. She, who says she is happy to touch, was very surprised that the royal formality in public persists in private. The color of the clothes may also have caused some tension. “I wore very pale colors to blend in with the crowd”she reveals, while Queen Elizabeth II dressed in bright colors, in order to be identifiable at first sight in the crowd.

“I didn’t want to stand out. (…) I did everything in my power to fit in with the family. I didn’t want to embarrass them.”


in the documentary “Harry & Meghan”

On the start of their relationship

The documentary not only dwells on the painful moments, but also evokes the beginning of the relationship between Prince Harry and the actress. It all started on Instagram. Messages are exchanged, then the first meeting takes place in London, before a second date in stride and the beginning of a romance, at first at a distance. Their relationship really begins during a week-long stay in Botswana. “We needed to discover each other before the media got involved in our story”explains Harry.

“I witnessed the suffering that women endured when they married the men of my family.”


in the documentary “Harry & Meghan”

Meghan enters her life as Prince Harry questions the place a woman can have in his life, with the ghost of his mother hovering above him. “I really wondered how I could find someone who would want to be in a relationship with me under these conditions and who would be able to bear the constraints that this implies”he assures. “We dreaded the day when our relationship would be made public, because Harry knew from experience what was going to happen”abounds Meghan.

VSUnlike Netflix’s banner claiming the Royal Family declined to comment on the documentary, Buckingham Palace said it was not “approach” to react. Asked Thursday during a visit to London, King Charles III did not want to say if he was going to watch Harry & Meghan. Since leaving the United States, the couple have been extremely unpopular in the United Kingdom, often described as hypocritical, criticizing the media attention but earning millions of dollars by coining their confessions.

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