What is the best insulation to save energy?


What is the best insulation to save energy?
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Whatever the season: winter or summer, it is recommended to use the best insulation. It is also essential to know what to do to choose the right material.

The thermal insulation to be used

The choice of the best insulation does not only allow to have more energy savings. With an energy renovation project, it is essential to use quality insulation. This is also the case if you intend to remove thermal bridges and insulate your home in an ecological way. So what is the famous thermal insulator to choose to make more energy savings?

It is actually cellulose wadding, a material made from useless newspapers and recycled magazines. These two materials have less environmental impact compared to glass wool.

In addition, this material is characterized by:

  • Its high thermal, phonic and sound performance;
  • Its endurance to fire;
  • Its ability to insulate the roof, attic, floor and walls;
  • Its ability to provide 28% or more energy savings and provide approximately 4 degrees;
  • Its durability;
  • Its resistance to settling.

Home insulation to reduce your heating bill

A house with more than five years of insulation loses heat in the winter, but it loses coolness in the summer. To solve these kinds of problems, the installation of better thermal insulation is essential. But when laying this material, it is necessary to coat the surfaces.

By choosing cellulose wadding, it is certain to benefit from optimal comfort throughout the year. This material reduces the electricity bill because it will heat the interior part of your house less during cold weather. By having air conditioning, you will resist the summer heat, because it allows you to cool down. But by using an excellent material such as thermal insulation for your home, you will quickly save energy.

Contact a professional for more energy performance

To install and seek advice on the best thermal insulation for your home, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional. Moreover, many companies with an experienced team exist today. Just do research on the Internet to discover the best dedicated company.

But to choose a better company, it is important to know which one has an RGE certificate or Recognized Guarantor of the Environment. By selecting these qualified professionals, you will certainly benefit from a 30% tax reduction.

The best thing then is to entrust your energy renovation project to a competent and recognized professional. It will transform your home into a comfortable and durable habitat throughout your life. Taking an interest in the installation of solar panels allows you, for example, to benefit from green electricity. Also change your heating system by using an air heat pump.

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