What is the seat belt buckle for? An essential function


What is the seat belt buckle for?  An essential function
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Most people don’t know half of the parts that make up a car. It must be said that this vehicle is equipped with countless mysterious tools that many will find difficult to decipher. Did you know, for example, that every seat belt except the driver’s has a buckle that looks like leftover rubber band. No, it’s not there just for decoration, it has a very specific function. We tell you more.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling in a sports coupe, a luxury sedan with leather interiors or even in a utility vehicle, the situation is exactly the same: the passenger seat belts all show a small buckle. At first sight, one would think that it has no particular utility. An idea further accentuated by the fact that that of the driver’s seat does not have one. But make no mistake, its functionality is not insignificant. If this intrigues you, this article will lift the veil on this little mystery.

What is this extra buckle on the seat belt for?

belt in the car

Car belt – Source: spm

Coming from the factory, this loop comes in the form of a knot similar to a remnant of elastic. It marks the end or the top of the belt. However, it does not necessarily appear in all car models. So, you are surely wondering what would be its added value in terms of security?

In absolute terms, this buckle was designed to prevent the seat belt from tearing in the event of a very strong impact. Because if unfortunately this were the case, it could be fatal in the event of a possible accident.

This is why manufacturers are scrambling to enrich security options in vehicles. This tool therefore helps to make the belts even stronger and stronger. Concretely, this loop will only be operational at the time of a violent impact. Your body will move a few centimeters further forward, but this will prevent you from serious injuries, especially to your spine.

This buckle is important to reinforce safety, but not necessarily essential.

put on the belt

Put on the belt – Source: spm

Thus, in the event of an impact, this buckle not only avoids injuries, but also the tearing of the belt. Not to mention that it also promotes a certain comfort in the passenger compartment of the car. During the journey, if the passenger seat is empty, thanks to this buckle, the belt will not be constantly in contact with the door or the interior side of the vehicle, which saves the driver from a rather annoying noise.

As a bonus, the buckle guarantees a certain maintenance of the seat belt: it allows it to always be in its place, and once detached, it does not fall suddenly to the ground. This avoids snagging problems when closing the door.

Admittedly, as mentioned above, the driver’s side seat belt does not have this buckle. On the other hand, it has a small plastic button that indicates the stretch limit to protect it in the event of an impact. That’s why his belt is slightly shorter than the rest of the crew.

There you go, we have just cleared up the mystery on this famous buckle nestled on the passenger seat belt. However, if you do not have one in your car, it is not dramatic. It’s just an extra touch of security, so it does not mean that your car model is not reliable or well secured!

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