What to remember from Friday morning


What to remember from Friday morning
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The men’s 4x100m relay qualified for the final scheduled for Sunday by taking Friday morning, in cool and rainy weather, 2nd place in its semi-final in 38”17, the 2nd fastest time of the morning as well. Méba-Mickaël Zeze, Pablo Mateo, Ryan Zeze and Jimmy Vicaut had a serious race, and will of course try in the final to erase the memory of Eugene (disqualification in the final for bad transmission of witnesses).

“We set a good time, enjoyed Ryan Zeze, especially given our efforts Thursday evening on 200 for Mickaël and me. The team responded present, and it bodes well for the final. The collective lives well. »

Disappointed with his elimination in the 200m semi-finals on Thursday evening, Méba-Mickäel Zeze does not want to finish these European Championships without redeeming himself: “We have revenge to take after our individual performances, and we have an opportunity to prove what we are capable of. Waking up at 6 a.m. stung a bit, but in the end we’ll be cooler. »

Jimmy Vicaut even dreaded the wait between this series and Sunday’s final: “We have two days, I don’t know why, we’re doing 4x100m, not 4x400m guys (laughs)! We have to move on after the individual events, we want to try to recover something in the final, it would be good for morale. »

Note the elimination of Italy, Olympic champion in the specialty, which did not do better than 5th in its semi-final in 39”02 and yet thought to pass time. But Turkey was allowed to resort solo after appealing, considering that its riders had been hampered during their semi-final (the 2nd, the one in which France was engaged). It was necessary to pass less than 39”02 to pass and the Turks did it, in 38”98!

Small fright for the 4×100 m women

Great satisfaction also for the women’s 4×100 m, which won its semi-final in 43”24 with a relay composed of Floriane Gnafoua, Gemima Joseph, Hélène Parisot and Mallory Leconte, despite a little scare during the first handover, quite late. “It’s a job well done except at the end where I had a little trouble finding Gemima, recognized Gnafoua, but the baton passed well, even at the end of the zone. We are happy! »

Aligned in the 200m semi-final on Thursday evening, Gemima Joseph could have found the night quite short. “But I recovered well after the 200m, I had good legs and then there is a great atmosphere between us, we are in good shape for the rest. » For Hélène Parisot, “The collective objective has been achieved, the final, we have trained well to get there and I am very happy to be here. » Same satisfaction for Mallory Leconte: “We ran flat out, we have confidence in our partners and we had no restraint on our transmissions. »

Second in 3’2”09 in its semi-final, the men’s 4x400m relay composed of Gilles Biron, Loïc Prévot, Simon Boypa and Téo Andant qualified for the final, scheduled for Saturday at 9:15 p.m. “It’s a good race, well controlled, which gives us plenty of hope for the final. We’re aiming for the top step of the podium.” announces Teo Andant. “There will be new blood for the final, indicates Simon Boypa, who will give way to Thomas Jordier, saved this Friday morning. It’s part of the game, in France the pool is huge. »

Big disappointment for the women’s 4x400m

Big disappointment on the other hand for the women’s 4x400m, which came out in the semi-finals after a sad fifth place in 3’29”64. Sokhna Lacoste, Marjorie Veyssière, Diana Iscaye and Amandine Brossier never found the right rhythm, like the last handover, which was very problematic. The memory of the beautiful 5th place at the Eugene Worlds seems far away.

“We didn’t necessarily feel safe even after our result at the Worlds, says Amandine Brossier. We were wary, but more of not being on the podium than not even in the final… We lacked vigilance, because we expected much better. Diana Iscaye also spoke of a medal goal more than just qualifying for the final: “We had not imagined this scenario at all…” Physically marked, Sokhna Lacoste recognized “a difficult end to the season” on a personal level, but sought to identify a collective reason for this failure.

Lamote is relieved

In the 800m, Rénelle Lamote won her semi-final in 2’0”23 ahead of the two Britons Jemma Reekie (2’0”30) and Alexandra Bell (2’0”53) after a well-controlled race where the double European vice-champion in the specialty has always remained well placed.

“I’m relieved, the sensations were still there, explained Lamote. I lacked a lot of confidence before this Championship because I made so many comparisons with Eugene. I told myself that I had won my series like in Eugene and therefore that I was going to jump in half. For now everything is going well and tomorrow (Saturday) it’s going to be war! »

At the height, qualification for the final of Solène Gicquel with 1.87 m, bar passed on the second try. The Bretonne (27) finished 12th and penultimate qualified in the competition.

“I’m so happy, I thought we would have to be 1.91m and pass everything on the first try, but no. At the same time, the conditions were not great, analyzed Gicquel. I had a hard time getting into it, but once it was good I felt I had the legs. I wanted to show what I was capable of. Getting to the final for my first major Championship shows me that I’m up to speed, that I don’t have to hide. In the final, I will try to grab as many places as possible. »


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