Why Booba attacks Magali Berdah


Why Booba attacks Magali Berdah
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The high priestess of influencers, Magali Berdah, filed a complaint against Booba for harassment, and had her Instagram account closed. But the rapper, in the midst of a crusade against influencers, has not said his last word.

“Attack me you should never have”, such is one of Booba’s latest angry tweets, published this Wednesday, in the caption of an article in the World on his crusade against Magali Berdah.

The influencer agent obtained the closure of Booba’s Instagram account on July 12, after filing a complaint against the rapper, last May, for cyberstalking.

In the article of Worldthe director of Shauna Events, a company that curates the careers of many e-influencers, says she is “harassed” and “threatened with death”, since Booba pursues her with his vengeance on Twitter, where 5.7 million subscribers le follow.

“Hate Pack”

Magali Berdah claimed on July 12 to have been the target of anti-Semitic remarks, death threats, beheading, stoning, rape, but also an invitation to suicide from Internet users whom she describes as a “hate pack by Booba.

For several months, Booba, accustomed to more or less serious attacks against other rappers and sometimes close to conspiracy, has a new fight. He denounces on social networks the business of influencers, between product placements and advertisements, and regularly accuses them of “ripping off honest people”. He made Magali Berdah his preferred target.

“Fake Stars”

In one of the many messages published this Wednesday, he thus exposes the account of an influencer, and points to a sales technique, “dropshipping”, which consists of selling a stock of products purchased at low prices on sites in general Chinese. This sales technique often results in scams, in the form of random deliveries and products that do not conform to the description.

“French stock of Chinese products… good try! Forced to go private and disable comms. Not practical for promoting [sic] its products”, he writes, tagging Magali Berdah as well as his lawyer Master Klugman, thus leaving the threat of prosecution.

“We are indeed in front of something systemic, thus declares the lawyer questioned by The world. They are fake stars, who (…) get fake accounts, to sell fake products. The only real thing is the harm to the consumer.”

Magali Berdah had explained in June 2021 to having, to stem certain excesses, “tried to be more selective [avec les fournisseurs] so that there are as few problems as possible”. She also indicated that she had “created a team of legal experts to limit abuse”.

“When I started my agency business in 2016, there were no dropshippers,” she pleaded.

Booba, who intends to play the rectifiers of wrongs, has set up a mailbox and launched the hashtag “influvoleur”. He retweeted a message from Bruno Le Maire on Tuesday, indicating that he wanted to “toughen up the criminal penalties against scammers”. “I don’t know if you feel it coming…”, he commented.

The rapper also filed a complaint against Magali Berdah, for “defamation and slanderous denunciation”, as his lawyer had indicated at the end of May, in a press release.

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