World Cup 2022: why Belgium’s second jersey was initially revoked


World Cup 2022: why Belgium’s second jersey was initially revoked
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Controversies like to swim in benches. Also, when we learned, Monday, November 21, that the International Football Federation (FIFA) had failed Belgium’s second jersey for the 2022 World Cup, it is difficult not to make a connection with another immediate news item from the Global in Qatar. A few hours earlier, seven European selections – including Belgium – having campaigned for their captains to wear an armband ” One Love “against discrimination, during the tournament, had announced to comply with FIFA regulations.

Developed with the outfitter of the Red Devils, Adidas, to symbolize equality, inclusion and freedom, the outfit is directly inspired by Tomorrowland, one of the world’s biggest electronic music events, bringing together every year in Antwerp hundreds of thousands of spectators from all over the world. To the point of taking up its logo in the word “Love”, written inside the collar of the jersey. And to wear rainbow tones. An emblem of the LGBT + communities officially welcome in Qatar, where homosexuality remains illegal, the time of the World Cup.

It is this registration that has been revoked. But not because of the progressive message it contains, or the colors of the shirt. If FIFA has ordered the Royal Belgian Football Federation (RBFA) to cover the word “Love” on its jerseys, it is because it displays a commercial inscription, and that the display of a brand, “promotion or other commercial message of any kind” is not permitted by FIFA regulations in international football tournaments.

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“It has nothing to do with the ‘One Love’ armband”

According to information from World, this clothing reframing does not date from this start of the Mondial. It took place in August, during the classic process of validation of jerseys by the international body. The presence of a slogan advertising – assumed by Adidas in its presentation of the jersey – of a commercial event not being valid, FIFA urged the Belgians to comply. What the Red Devils did.

On the back of the Belgian jersey collar, inside, the

“It’s sad, but FIFA gives us no choice. For the rest, the equipment remains unchanged »RBFA Chairman and CEO Peter Bossaert said in a statement on Monday. Het Laatste Nieuws. An interview in which the leader also answers questions about the armband ” One Love “which led to the association of the two subjects all over the world.

“It has nothing to do with the ‘One Love’ armband, it’s about commercial reasonsconfirms the RBFA at World. We covered it, and we could in theory play with this jersey. » Finally, the Red Devils chose to play in the red colors of their first jersey for their three group stage matches. If by chance they qualify for the round of 16, Eden Hazard’s teammates could very well enter the field dressed in rainbows.

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