Xbox: 7 games to watch in December 2022


Xbox: 7 games to watch in December 2022
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Game News Xbox: 7 games to watch in December 2022

If 2022 leaves behind it some very beautiful video games, the month of December still has some potential surprises in store, although it is not the busiest of the year. Owners of Xbox One or Xbox Series, be delighted because several very interesting titles are coming. It happens below.


  • The Callisto Protocol
  • Need for Speed ​​Unbound
  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns
  • Cuphead Physical Edition
  • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion
  • High on Life
  • Blacktail

The Callisto Protocol

It’s undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of this end of the year and which we’ve been hearing about for months and months: The Callisto Protocol is the brand new game from Glen Schofield, illustrious developer behind the Dead Space franchise. and even several Call of Duty. It was in 2019 that the American created the Striking Distance studio with the aim of returning to basics: that of horror and science fiction. Here, we play Jacob Lee, a pilot who finds himself in spite of himself imprisoned in Black Iron, a very rustic prison planted on Callisto, a dead moon of Jupiter. An already hostile environment, and still: it was without counting on the Biophages, these deformed and ultra-aggressive monsters which haunt the corridors and contaminate all passers-by. Jacob – moreover embodied by Josh Duhamel, well-known movie star – will have to extricate himself from there by all means and as much to say that it will not be easy. We therefore return to what made the reputation of Dead Space in its time: exquisite sound design, sneaky enemies, a spatial atmosphere full of unease, an interface entirely in real time and even common game mechanics. Be careful though: this is a title with extreme violence and gore, even to the point that it was refused by Japan. It’s not for everyone, especially since the atmosphere promises to be really psychologically oppressive.

Pre-order The Callisto Protocol for €44.99 on Xbox One at Amazon
Pre-order The Callisto Protocol for €49.99 on Xbox Series at Amazon

Need for Speed ​​Unbound

Finally ! After several years of absence (and it was probably necessary), the Need for Speed ​​saga returns with a brand new episode, Unbound. And this time, Criterion Games is in charge, the illustrious British studio behind the sublime (and late) Burnout saga. This time, the firm has chosen to go back to basics, drawing on the formula of the early 2000s with a nice touch of modernization: pure street racing, with meticulous tuning, extensive performance customization and a lot of interesting street-art. We find, for example, A$AP Rocky at the top of the bill (who even made a sound for the game) and a whole graffiti vibe: the artistic direction is particularly singular since it mixes photorealism with “cartoon” effects, which come to dress all sorts of situations. A rather explosive cocktail for a Need for Speed, which will obviously offer several types of events as well as the return of the cops. The developers also promise us less aggressive police officers unnecessarily, including specific ways to overcome depending on the cars. For the moment, this new cuvée looks frankly promising and we would be late not to keep an eye on it: this time, the time for a real return in good and due form of Need for Speed ​​is perhaps – to have finally arrived.

Pre-order Need for Speed ​​Unbound for €79.99 on Xbox Series at Amazon

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Yet another Marvel game, yes, but this one has the will to change the situation and it should succeed in its bet hands down: Marvel’s Midnight Suns is not a superhero title like the others, despite its Avengers appearance. Here, we are not on a traditional action softwarebut on an action-tactical game with XCOM sauce, and for good reason: they are the same developers, namely the very talented studio Firaxis (also behind Civilization). We are therefore on a thoughtful turn-based system, with even card mechanics, for battles full of strategies and ultra-tweaked gameplay, each character having their own abilities. And for once, characters, there will be plenty: Spider-Man, Wolverine, Dr Strange, Blade, Ghost Rider, Captain Marvel, Wanda, Iron Man, Captain America… It’s a real five-star cast that will form to oppose a great villain, Lilith, who will also grant herself the favors of other supervillains like Venom. No really, when you love Marvel, Marvel’s Midnight Suns has solid arguments and a priori, it has every chance of offering a refreshing experience in the video game landscape. To be watched, therefore.

Pre-order Marvel’s Midnight Suns for €54.99 on Xbox at Amazon

Cuphead Physical Edition

Let it be said: Cuphead is not new. It was even released in 2017 and has therefore had plenty of time to be known to players, having also built a solid reputation over the years and has even been adapted into a Netflix series. However, its format has always been only digital and its arrival in a boxed version therefore deserves an inclusion in this article: know that this physical version will contain the game (still happy), but also its newest expansion, The Delicious Last Course, to critical acclaim. As treats, there will also be a reversible jacket, six collectible cards and a Cuphead membership card.”’ Small bonuses that may decide some to acquire the software in physical form.

Pre-order Cuphead Physical Edition for €39.99 on Xbox One at Amazon

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Square-Enix can be proud to have the Final Fantasy franchise and in this one, we can consider that Final Fantasy VII has its own saga. Take our word for it: this seventh opus has clearly not finished making people talk about it since in addition to the sequel to the Remake, the game’s prequel will therefore be entitled to a real overhaul in December, called Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. It was originally a PSP game released in 2007, but here the Japanese publisher will offer it in an ultimate version with modern graphics: new 3D models, new musical arrangements, new engine, full voice acting and modernized gameplay. Something to appeal to fans, but also newcomers. We recall that the story takes place before the events of Final Fantasy VII (seven years before, precisely) and retraces the journey of Zack Fair, belonging to Shinra’s elite firm, SOLDIER. We will see some well-known faces like Aerith, Cloud, Tifa or even Sephiroth. In short, if you like the world of games, you’ve come to the right place and this remake is undoubtedly one of the big releases of this end of the year.

Pre-order Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII Reunion at €59.99 on Xbox at Fnac

High on Life

High on Life has something to arouse curiosity, first of all by its completely crazy universe which will certainly be worth the detour: the game comes to us from Justin Rolland, neither more nor less than the creator of Rick & Morty. To tell the truth, there are many similarities between the two franchises, starting with this absurd world and this delicious WTF humor which should speak to more than one player. We are therefore on a third-person shooter where you play a bounty hunter: equipped with a talking gun (yes) and which even looks you straight in the eye in the middle of the game, you will have to stop an alien race who decided to turn living beings into hard drugs. There, you can see the concept and the second degree wanted by the developers at Squanch Games! It is therefore an FPS with a sparkling artistic direction, very colorful and with constant humor, while wanting to be nervous with many different enemies and weird bosses. Everything we love. Note that this is a Microsoft exclusive, something unfortunately quite rare in 2022 and which therefore deserves our full attention.


You may be familiar with the legend of Baba Yaga, an account from Eastern Europe: here it is about talking about it in a video game. Even better, the player slips into the skin of the young girl, accused of witchcraft and who, after being sent into exile, will turn into a real hunter with ruthless abilities. Blacktail therefore plunges us into a bucolic adventure in the middle of the forest, where this unprecedented vision of the Slavic legend will result in a subjective experience. The heroine will therefore be able to wield the bow and magic like no other, and will go and face the spirits of her past with as much bravery as possible. In particular, there will be several choices to make, allowing us to transform our heroine into a benevolent witch, protecting the woods, or into a real evil entity and spreading terror. An atypical game developed by the Poles at The Parasight and published by Focus Entertainment.

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