Xbox: Towards new Disney games produced by Bethesda?


Xbox: Towards new Disney games produced by Bethesda?
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Game News Xbox: Towards new Disney games produced by Bethesda?

While Bethesda is currently working with Lucasfilm Games on an Indiana Jones game, some rather big new rumors would tell us that the studio is working on other projects from Disney-owned licenses. Esports commentator Joey McDermott talks about it today.

Alongside Indiana Jones, other Disney licenses in the pipes of Xbox and Bethesda?

The announcement had been surprising to say the least, we learned at the start of 2021 that MachineGames, the studio behind the recent Wolfenstein opuses, was seriously working on a title stamped Indiana Jones. Since then, apart from a teaser and a few indiscretions from Todd Howard here and there, we haven’t had much to eat. This game is developed in partnership with Lucasfilm Games (formerly Lucasarts), a subsidiary of Disney since the acquisition of Lucasfilm by the firm with big ears, as we recall. But on the sidelines of this still very discreet software, we learn today that other licenses belonging to Disney could land in video games on the Xbox side. The rumor comes to us from knowledgeable esports commentator Joey McDermott.

The agreements between Disney and ZeniMax (parent company of Bethesda and MachineGames) were concluded before the takeover of the firm by Microsoft. Has Microsoft therefore got its hands on its agreements? Joey McDermott tells us that in any case we don’t care and that several titles are already in the pipeline.

Still according to him, this information is rather concrete and comes from several sources. To cite just one, he takes the example of a source who leaked the announcement of the “Welcome to the Xbox Family” event held by Microsoft to welcome ZeniMax and its studios. A well-informed source according to him, who was a month ahead of everyone at the time.

For the moment nothing is official, we remain at the state of rumor. Anyway, with Indiana Jones on the front line, such a collaboration could very well exist. It remains to be seen which licenses would be concerned, and whether they come directly from the original Disney catalog or from other takeovers, such as Marvel for example. It is possible that Bethesda and Microsoft have some revelations in store for us for their next conference on June 12 as part of the Summer Game Fest. A little patience then, before knowing more.

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