Yannick Nyanga, sports director of Racing 92: “Let’s stop with these controversies”

Yannick Nyanga, sports director of Racing 92: “Let’s stop with these controversies”
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At the beginning of the week, the general manager of Stade Rochelais Pierre Venayre declared to our colleagues from South West: “Congratulations to Racing, which won the first battle by organizing our semi-final in Lens, in order to prevent as many La Rochelle supporters as possible from making the trip to support their team. I now wish them to win the second by filling the Bollaert stadium to do the honor that this great European Cup match deserves. »

Better ranked at the end of the regular phase, Racing had won the right to receive in the quarter and semi-finals. He therefore welcomed Sale last Sunday in his Arena in the La Défense district, knowing that he would have to relocate the semi-final, the performance hall having been reserved for months by a Sexion d’Assaut concert. This Sunday, at 4 p.m., the Racing-La Rochelle match will be played on the field of another Racing, that of Lens.

“There is a conspiracy story that makes no sense”

“I find that playing a European Cup semi-final at Bollaert, which is one of the most legendary stadiums in France, is beautiful, said Yannick Nyanga, sporting director of Racing. The Lensois public is a great public, the public from the North has always responded when rugby has come to them and we continue to think that it’s great to take rugby to a territory that is not lucky. to see matches of this level. »

“There is nothing wrong with the statements of the general manager of La Rochelle. There is condescension towards our supporters”

“That’s why I find that there is nothing right in the statements of the DG of La Rochelle. There is condescension towards our supporters, towards Lens, and there is a conspiracy story that makes no sense. That a supporter of La Rochelle is annoyed, I can understand it. But a DG, he should know that we did not decide last Sunday to go to Lens, especially to hinder his club. »

“There is nothing against La Rochelle supporters”

“Everyone had known for a long time that the Arena was booked for a concert that weekend. We have not presented anyone with a fait accompli. The EPCR had communicated on this before the quarter-finals. So if Montpellier had beaten La Rochelle, we would have also gone to Lens. When we made this decision – which is obviously anticipated – it was not “our semi-final” as Pierre Venayre says. When we made this decision, we were not sure of qualifying. »

“A European Cup semi-final is still exceptional. Even Stade Toulousain is not sure of being there. We prospected for a long time in Auxerre, Evry, Le Mans, Lens. That’s why I see in these statements intellectual dishonesty. In this relocation, there is nothing against the supporters of La Rochelle. Let’s stop with these polemics. We are all better than that. RC Lens is playing the game thoroughly for this match. Yesterday, for the first day of opening of the ticket office, 10,000 seats were sold. It’s already good, isn’t it? »


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