Yes my Sim is asexual and aromantic, and I live it very well


Yes my Sim is asexual and aromantic, and I live it very well
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Is your Sim gay? Lesbian? Straight? Fluid ? It will soon be possible to set it thanks to the next update of the Sims 4announce Maxis and Electronic Arts, respectively developer and distributor of the game. It will be made available on July 28, when the expansion pack will also be released. High school years. There will be no need to purchase the pack to access this feature.

Until now, you had the option to have sex (or “go bang,” to use the terminology of the game) and have a romantic relationship with a Sim of the same gender or the opposite gender. You just had to go flirt with him or her and if a connection did happen, take it a bit far.

Attraction and exploration

After the update, things will be a little more framed. When creating your Sim, you will first have the option of determining whether your character is attracted to men or women. “If a Sim whose gender does not match your Sim’s attraction parameters attempts a romantic interaction with your Sim, they will be rejected. “says Maxis.

Screen to choose the sexual orientation of your Sim – Maxis/Electronic Arts

But this parameter is nuanced with a second, that of amorous exploration. If you answer “Yes” to the question “Does your Sim explore romantic relationships?” then your avatar may relate to either gender, depending on the characters it faces. If you answer no, the Sim’s sexual orientation will be set in stone.

Asexual or aromantic sim

Last parameter, the game asks if your Sim “wants to kiss” men and women. Maxis explains: “This setting determines who your Sim can bang-bang with. If you are trying to tell the story of an asexual Sim, you can leave all options unchecked. Conversely, you can tell an aromantic Sim’s story by selecting who they want to bang-bang with, but leave all the boxes for romantic attraction unchecked. You can also tell even more specific stories, like that of a Sim who may be attracted to multiple genders but is only interested in one gender when it comes to physical intimacy. »


This (small) complexity is totally assumed by the lead-developer of the High school years. “Authenticity is a point that is often mentioned for characteristics like this, and it is completely legitimate, she explains (…) Many members of the team are part of the LGBTQIA + community , including me. That said, we only represent a small part of the community’s experience. That’s why we’ve worked extensively with GLAAD and the It Gets Better project to make sure we’re taking into account the widest possible range of perspectives on how to approach this characteristic in a way that respects and satisfy the community. »

The provision of this functionality is only a step, specify Maxis and Electronic Arts, which say they are working in particular on a better representation of non-binary people.

As of the May update, those using the English version of the game already have the ability to set custom pronouns for their Sims.

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