You hate Apple, but maybe you should ditch your PC for a Mac… take this quiz to find out!


You hate Apple, but maybe you should ditch your PC for a Mac… take this quiz to find out!
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News hardware You hate Apple, but maybe you should ditch your PC for a Mac… take this quiz to find out!

We know it well: just as there is a “console war” between PS5 and Xbox Series, there is also great virulence between lovers of Apple equipped with iPhone, Mac etc. and PC enthusiasts. This rivalry often causes all traces of objectivity to be lost. In question 6, you will really know whether you should buy a PC or a Mac.

PC or Mac? Are you right to hate Apple? In 6 questions you will know

A rivalry between PC and Mac tinged with bad faith

Apple is a unique brand in the tech world. Through its communication, its legend and especially the work on its brand image, the apple irritates as much as it fascinates. Always apart, the Cupertino company has created its own bubble in which it evolves far from the competition.

Some would say this bubble elevates Apple above the ground, and others think this bubble drags Apple off course. As is often the case in major debates, the fiercest supporters of a position lack nuance and good faith.

Thus, apple crunchers are often seen as:

  • Pigeons who pay way too much for their tech products
  • Blind and sectarian fanatics
  • Ignorants of the world of technology

Macs are widely considered objects of social distinction and machines that are too “closed”, even if this expression contains almost as many definitions of as people who use it.

On the other hand, it is not uncommon to find virulence on the part of “Apple addicts” towards “PCists”. Often, these are considered to be:

  • Pimply nerds locked in their room
  • Fools who prefer risky machines to reliable machines
  • Ignorants of the world of technology

Yes, each thinks that the other knows nothing about it. Logical when you believe you have the revealed truth…

Apple or PC gamer? Behind the assumptions, the reality is more complex

Now that you have passed our little test, you understand that the choice of one computer or another is actually quite subtle.

Yes, Macs are expensive. But if you have the budget, they are very good for all uses… except gaming. For ultra-popular online titles like Counter-Strike, League of Legends or World of Warcraft, the Mac’s M1 chip runs everything smoothly. On the other hand, as soon as you are interested in single-player games, indie titles, or even particularly sharp performances, you absolutely must buy a PC with a good graphics card.

Choosing between Mac and PC is also a philosophical choice. With a PC, you have a machine that’s easier to open, repair, or even boost yourself. With a Mac, you will take full advantage of your purchase only by fully immersing yourself in the Apple eco-system. Magical for some, enclosing for others…

it is not for us to decide.

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