ZEvent 2022: The controversy over the choice of the association swells, ZeratoR answers!


ZEvent 2022: The controversy over the choice of the association swells, ZeratoR answers!
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News event ZEvent 2022: The controversy over the choice of the association swells, ZeratoR answers!

Streamer ZeratoR, organizer of the ZLan and ZEvent, recently gave all the details of the next edition of the charity marathon. Date of the new edition, streamers present, opening concert, a lot of information has been given. But quickly, several controversies were born.

ZEvent 2022: absences that caused a lot of reaction

The first one concerns streamers present, or rather absent. They will be 51, but certain absences have strongly questioned the public. Some have pointed the finger at certain streamers, others spoke of tensions, when some others even called for a boycott. Alongside the most heated discussions, many posed and argued reactions came to question the event.

Among the notable absentees, we find Fred Le Joueur du Grenier, Michou, Squeezie, Gotaga, Inoxtag, AmineMaTue, Billy / RebeuDeter, Kameto, Locklear, Sardoche, or even Maghla. However, the reality is that in most cases, the reasons for these absences correspond to an incompatibility of timetablesand that the vast majority of these streamers were invitedbefore having to refuse or simply decline.

For streamers who can’t come to ZEvent, don’t fall on them, we sent out most of the invitations on May 4th to be exact. When it’s a planning problem, it’s bad luck, but you can’t postpone everything and we thought that giving five months notice would be enough. I am obviously disappointed not to see some very important streamers of the platform, know that they have all been invited but that no one is obliged to come, indicated ZeratoR (…)

Regarding the disappointed now, I understand your frustration and that you may be annoyed. But always coming back to this race for figures is for me a very harmful element. The ZEvent has NEVER been a prize pool race. YES it’s good to break the record every year, YES it makes us very proud to see that more and more people trust us, but in reality, beyond 1 € it’s already a successful event for us.

GoodPlanet: the beneficiary foundation of the ZEvent strongly criticized

But the controversy continued to swell, in particular because of the choice of the GoodPlanet Foundation, chaired by photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. For some, the GoodPlanet Foundation does from greenwashingbecause it is financed by BNP Paribasand is a partner of the Garnier, EDF and TotalEnergies. Yann-Arthus Bertrand is also in the sights, for having declared that “Qatar is carbon neutral” when Qatar was awarded the 2022 Football World Cup, before returning to his remarks by indicating that he was unaware of the air conditioning stadiums, which he judged “ridiculous”.

Also, GoodPlanet followed the NFT trend by partnering with Elementhers last February for “to sensitize the 3.0 community to the environmental cause during an unusual fundraiser!”. A partnership that goes badly, technologies related to the blockchain being known to be particularly energy-intensive.

Controversy around GoodPlanet: ZeratoR responds

Adrien Nougaret obviously noted this controversy surrounding GoodPlanet, and wanted to respond to it in a very long twitter thread, posted earlier in the afternoon:

(…) We try to group together certain criteria such as the fact that they are transparent, with little drama and a lot of concrete actions, capable of managing a donation of more than 7/8/9M €, recognized of public utility and worldwide, with seniority, without illegal actions, and respected in their field, but this list is actually a rather difficult goal to achieve depending on the field.

Rather than abandoning the idea of ​​an event centered on an ecological association, the organization decided to deal with the contradictions of the one that was chosen, while aiming to break some clichés or doubts. ZeratoR also supports raising the issues and look for the “tiny beast”. For ZeratoR this is an important aspect of the event, because it allows everyone to participate on their own scale beyond donations, and justifies asking “angry” questions.

We cannot always change everything in an association, but you contribute to it with ZEVENT and on OUR side as organizer we can demand traceability of the collection (as is the case every year). I am very proud that more and more people are learning about the actions and associations of ZEVENT because I find that the subject is often overlooked by donors even though it is important. You ACTIVELY participate in ensuring that these collections are respected and that the event is a success. Carry on.

In an effort to leave no doubt as to the intentions of the organization, ZeratoR announced that the traditional interview during the event will not be the only moment where the GoodPlanet Foundation will be questioned about its actions. A long interview will take place before the launch of the ZEventin order to reassure spectators and potential donors.

(…) This is why this year for the first time we will organize an interview BEFORE the event IN ADDITION to the one that will take place during the ZEVENT with speakers. We hope with this gesture, and the communication from @GoodPlanet_, to reassure you a little more about the future use of the funds from this collection. our duty as organizers to explain to you what YOUR money is going to be used for and why we think this year’s choice may be the right one for this last big ZEVENT on one of the most important themes of all humanity . Thank you for your trust💚.

Sometimes very violent reactions

Despite everything, ZeratoR said he was very touched by the violence of certain reactions around announcements related to ZEvent. Earlier today, the event figurehead said:

As a reminder, the ZEvent will take place from September 9 to 11, 2022, knowing that the kitty will be open from the 8th for the opening concert. The latter will take place at the Zenith of Montpellier on September 8 from 7:30 p.m. in the company of LittleBigWhale, PV Nova, French, Fuse, Berywam, Bigflo and Oli or even Soprano. 6000 seats will be on sale July 11 from 7 p.m. and 35 euros.

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