ZEvent2022: the charity marathon cancels its partnership with the GoodPlanet foundation


ZEvent2022: the charity marathon cancels its partnership with the GoodPlanet foundation
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The pressure was finally too strong for the organizers of ZEvent2022. After days of controversy and rebellion on social networks over the choice of the association that will benefit from the kitty collected by the charity operation, the organizers finally announced on social networks their intention to completely review the rules initially planned in order to to put an end to the controversy.

For this 2022 edition, Adrien Nougaret, alias ZeratoR, the founder of this charity project which sees recognized figures of French streaming scroll through 50 hours in a paid video stream, had initially chosen the Goodplanet foundation as a great cause. A choice that has pissed off French streaming enthusiasts, who have not failed to recall in multiple messages that this foundation, founded by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, counts the company Total among its partners, which has fueled the accusations of greenwashing in favor of the oil giant. The accusers also noted that its founder had admitted having supported Qatar’s bid for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in exchange for funding for the production of his film “Home”, released in 2009.

Initially, ZeratoR had promised to give the floor to representatives of the foundation, so that they would have the means to explain their action in more depth. In the end, nothing happened that way. The foundation finally published a video of its general manager Albane Godard. “When we learned that ZEvent2022 had chosen Goodplanet this year, we were thrilled (…) For us, this event represented a unique opportunity to increase our environmental and social action by benefiting the dozens of NGOs in the field with whom we work in daily. »

She continues: “Since the official announcement of ZEvent2022, many questions have been asked by Internet users curious and curious to know more about our action, and fortunately (…) The controversies that have been driving Twitter for a few days serve the cause for which each of us, employees, volunteers, field partners work tirelessly (…) It is for this reason and because the cause does not deserve to suffer from unnecessary controversy that we are withdrawing from ZEvent2022. »

In a press release published in the wake, ZeratoR finally confirmed this withdrawal. “We have been extremely attentive to all your feedback for a week and have read each of your tweets without exception,” he wrote after finding that the perfect association does not exist. “It is clear that the association chosen this year did not convince you, but also that no association cited in your answers does not have a consensus. »

For this reason, the organizers finally decided that the sum collected, always substantial during this operation, will ultimately be donated to five associations committed to ecology, after a vote by Internet users.

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